Barry M Lip Paints Swatches Part 4

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Today, I bring you the final swatches in our series on Barry M's Lip Paints. These are the unusual colours, which are really cool, and I think they'd look awesome layered over other lipstick colours. Breaking the Barry M Lip Paints trend, most of these are also sheer, presumably because they're meant to be layered.

As always, we begin with swatches:

Barry M Lip Paints Swatches

L - R: Pink Glitter 107, Golden Bronze 136, Black 37, Touch of Magic

Pink Glitter 107 is a bunch of magenta glitter suspended in a clear base. This one would be cool over other colours. This isn't as blingy as it looks in my photo, and it's actually quite sheer and not-that-saturated with glitter. I just built up the glitter for photo clarity.

Golden Bronze 136 is also much, much, much sheerer than it appears in the photo - like 107, I ha to really really build up this one. This isn't glitter, instead it's more of a sheen, which is pretty cool. It's got a goldish, bronze-ish sheen to it, which you can use on top of matte lipsticks to give them a pretty shimmer. I like this alot, and I'm thinking maybe I did it a disservice by swatching it so heavily. (But then again if I hadn't swatched heavily you wouldn't be able to see the colour. Ahhh, decisions, decisions.)

Black 37 is flat matte black, and this is the only one from today's swatches that is NOT sheer. It's incredibly pigmented. I've no idea when you'd wear black lipstick except halloween, but if ever you need one, this is it. I think it'd be good for mixing with other lip colours.

And lastly, perhaps my favourite of the whole bunch, Touch of Magic. Like it's name implies, it has a little surprise, because of it's colour change. It's actually green in the tube, a very definite yellow lime green, but when you first put it on, it's clear, and then it gradually becomes a sheer gold sheen (sort of like MAC Spring Bean lustreglass), and then it eventually evolves to become this very pretty sheer neutral red. I think this is the perfect sheer red lipstick for every girl out there. It's very sheer though, so it required a little building up for this swatch. I really really like this one, because of its sheer red prettiness, and of course, the colour change is pretty cool too.

So that's it for the Barry M Lip Paints. I'll be doing a roundup post to conclude next, and I hope you've enjoyed this series as much as I have!


  1. I have tagged you on my blog! xx

  2. i like touch of magic the most! :)

    thanks for visiting my blog btw. i hope you get a chance to try out the NYX concealers, they really are great. if it helps, a great site to get them from is it's cheaper than buying from the NYX website! :) xx

  3. Hey MusicalHouses! ^^ Whats your name btw, because i don't want to call you by your blogger name. Anyways, I checked out the voting thing, & your right, it doesn't ask for much! :X So, I definitely did what I could to vote for you. Good luck girl! & The swatches are gorgeous.

    Katie Ngo


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