Shiseido to Acquire Bare Escentuals: Cystic Acne coming to Asia

Friday, January 15, 2010

You can read all about it HERE@WSJ.

I first found out about this from JeweledThumb, and I imagine it's been all over the blogosphere since then.

I'm so ambivalent about this move. I mean, Shiseido has some really good products, but why are they buying over a brand as crappy as Bare Escentuals, the provider of statewide cystic acne?! I mean, come on, Bare Escentuals made bismuth oxychloride the ingredient of every skin-conscious girl's nightmare, as well as its mineral foundations. I know it makes good business sense - Asian company wants to break into America, so acquires American company - but my little makeup mind just can't take it. I love Shiseido, and I hate Bare Escentuals, so how dare they merge!

Which reminds me of a time when I was in college. This girl was visiting my room, and she was told by my roomate that I'm a makeup fanatic. Wanting to brag, she promptly starts talking about how she spends $200 a month on Bare Escentuals sets and makeup and foundations without fail. Every month. $200. Now I do haul, and I haul plenty, but but if I did spend $200 a month on makeup, it's definitely not going to be Bare Escentuals - you'd have to drag me away from the Dior and Chanel counters first! But anyway, she was bragging about how much she spent on her makeup, until she caught sight of my stash in my drawers. Once she saw all the makeup crammed into the drawers, she started screaming, "OH MY GOD! OH MY GOD!" over and over again until I started thinking that maybe we should call a doctor, but before I could she promptly excused herself, and never visited my room again. Yeah, I guess that's the life of a makeup addict. My stash freaks civillians out. The good thing about that incident though, is that I never had to hear her bragg about makeup again.

Anyway, I note with interest that Bare Escentuals plans to use the deal to broaden their reach in Asia. So this means, Asian girls, look out! Cystic acne, bismuth oxychloride-filled makeup that claims to be healthy, and not to mention, the etheral Star Trek glow, are all coming to a counter near you! Muahahaha...

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  1. This stuff was horrid on me. I looked like Data from Next Generation. I don't know how it sells as well as it does.

  2. Thanks for the link love... Actually, not everyone breaks out from BE. My skin happens to love it but it's so messy that I hardly wear it (being near blind w/o my glasses doesn't help matters). I also really like their eyeshadows.

    I think it's gained popularity because the price point is pretty decent. $25 (in the states) for a huge tub of foundation that multi-tasks as concealer?

    I don't get the merge though. The two companies have nothing in common aside from the fact they both produce color cosmetics.

    You would think Shiseido would want to merge with something like Laura Mercier or another "classic" line.

  3. Lol! I love your post! I hate Bare Escentuals too. It's just made a name for itself God knows how and people seem to be so addicted to it. Too bad for Shiseido. They should focus more on their line and expand that in America. I love their foundations, eyeshadows, lipsticks, skincare you name it. Maybe they should lower prices too or at least retail in places like Target. To get it out to the masses.

  4. LMAO.

    I am pretty ambivalent about this ... but I do have to say I just hate BE's foundations and powders. Hate hate hate. Haven't tried their lip products although they're supposed to be nicer.

  5. I literally LOL'd at your headline... It is interesting because Shiseido is so good with skincare. I can hope that their ownership would improve BE, but only time will tell. Loved the "my stash freaks civilians out" story LOL!


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