Majolica Majorca Single Eyeshadow Swatches!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

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Today, I bring you swatches of all the Majolica Majorca single eyeshadows that are avaliable in Singapore. Majolica Majora is a subsidiary brand of Shiseido, and is of Japanese origins. Mmmm. Yummy. That's like Shiseido for the drugstore! Anyway, they're available in most Asian drugstores in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, and Thailand, and of course, Japan.

Anyway, I think Singapore must be getting the short end of the stick or something, there are only 8 shades (I'm pretty sure there are more than that), and we don't have SV821, the cult favourite. However, SV821 is in my personal stash, and I'm totally planning to do a swatch and review on that, so swatches, pictures and reviews of SV821 are coming soon!

Anyway, on to the rest of the collection. As is typical of Asian brand eyeshadows, the texture is very soft, even softer than Shu Uemura. That's a good thing - swatching these, they felt gorgeous on my fingers and skin. Ooh, soft and silky. However, as is also typical of Asian brand eyeshadow, the level of pigmentation is also highly variable. In general, the lighter colours are really sheer, and as you can see from my swatches, some of them were barely visible on my arm despite my attempts to build them up. The darker colours, however, are totally gorgeous, soft, silky, pigmented, and a dream to apply. So they're a little hit-or-miss, but I still quite like these. I'd love more colours, however - a couple more taupes never hurt anyone! :P

Another thing I noticed is that the lighter colours tend to have chunkier glitter

Anyway, without further ado, here are swatches:

Majolica Majorca Single Eyeshadow Swatches

L - R: WT963, BR665, VI113, GR162, GD822, BE121, BR784, BE286

WT963 is a sheer, sparkly white with chunky glitter.

BR665 is a beautiful metallic neutral brown with golden shimmer. It's a beautiful shade, and one of my favourites.

VI113 is a very very sheer light purply lilac colour that is very glittery and did I say very sheer? I couldn't build this one up very much although I tried.

GR162 is a bright yellow green of average pigmentation and average sparkliness.

GD822 is a golden bronzey brown.

BE121 is a sheer sparkly beige, and as the swatch shows, this just wouldn't build up on me.

BR784 is a deep neutral brown with a slightly metallic quality to it. Very pretty, and very good pigmentation. This is also one of my favourites.

BE286 is a peachy pink colour with gold shimmer. It also looks to be NARS Orgasm in eyeshadow form. This one also had good pigmentation, and not much chunky glitter.

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  1. Ooooh very pretty I especially like GR162 thanks for the comment on my blog btw xoxo


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