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Monday, January 11, 2010

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As you can see, since yesterday I've gotten a new layout for this blog. I like this, there's less space being wasted in the borders, it's cleaner, and it's got a better font that's easier to read. Most of all, it allows me to post bigger pictures, which is good for those who don't click on the pictures to see them full-sized. (Check out the older posts with the one coming up tomorrow. The pics are definitely bigger!) It also makes my ramblings look less lengthly, LOL.

It's also got snazzy features too. I have a contact form that emails messages direct to my email (you can try it out by clicking 'contact me' at the top right hand corner - don't do that unless you have something to say though!). Since this layout has more space I've also added more random stuff to it, like a latest tweets thing. So, you know, you can get spammed by me in more ways than one. Awesome.

Anyway, for some reason I can't seem to do the post footer right. I think we'll have to live with that, my html skills end around here, LOL. In the meantime, if anyone's experiencing any problems with this new layout, let me know!


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