Mannequin Hands Nail Polish Shade: I Unwittingly Haz!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

One of the latest trends in nail polish (other than the is-it-over-already annoying jade green trend which looked awful on me) is the Mannequin Hands trend. That's one of my favourite trends. I think it's super cool, especially when paired with the Lace Manicure, or with painting one of your fingers on each hand a different colour from all the other hands (two of the trends I've been seeing too). I'm not a fan of jade or mint green (although I do love that ASOS Paint by Ciate, and I'll be posting an NOTD with it soon), but I do love lace, and I am ALL for painting mroe than one colour at a time!

Anyway, unlike so many people, I don't actually have any problem finding a more-or-less mannequin hands shade. (I don't believe there'll actually be a nail polish the exact shade of my skin, so I'll settle.) And, what's more, I already did an NOTD with it HERE. In fact, in another of my old posts I wrote about the different nude nail polishes I owned, RIGHT HERE. Of course, you know, that's all because I'm such a fashion forward, edgy chick...Hah. Who am I kidding. It was pure coincidence.

Anyway, what's this marvelous perfect nude polish I love so much I just have to blog about not once, but twice? Well, I raved about it then, and just for kicks, (and because not many people will have seen my previous posts as those were made when my blog had a total of like 0 followers), here is the closest I'll ever get to a Mannequin Hands Manicure:

Nails Inc Basil Street NOTD Swatch

I know! Isn't she a beauty?! That's Nails Inc Basil Street for you. :) Perfect nude beige creme with almost no pink, perfectly opaque in two coats, and so smooth that it nearly applied itself. I didn't even need to clean up on that one! That's how perfect it is. Love it to bits! Anyway, for anyone who is still searching around for their Mannequin Hands shade and find most of the popular nudes too pink, I strongly urge you to try this one.


  1. Wow! This looks so good on your nails :D I don't feel comfortable in nude nail polishes, so jade greens for me ;D

  2. I've been seeing this trend EVERYWHERE! I personally love it. The whole nails looking like skin thing is just sooo cool to me!

    this colour looks amazing on you. Funny I've never heard of this polish before? You should try a matte coat to see what it would look like!


  3. @Klaudea: If you're in the US, unless you're really into nails you wouldn't know of Nails Inc, because they're a UK-based brand and only available there. :X Fortunately though, evilbay has a good range of colours for the transatlantic buyer.

    @nihrida: Thanks!

    @Nea: I think I'm the exception rather than the rule for my love of nude polish! Jade just looked weird on me :(

  4. I adore this nail color, and the trend is uber cool and chic. Finally wearability is back in. Woohoo for professionals like me who can't go all Konad crazy. :)


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