Second Tag/Award: 7 things (Beautiful Blogger)

Saturday, January 9, 2010


Wow, the stars must be aligned right or something, I got tagged by Yotke Beauty Blog in this post! Wow.

Edited to add: Klaudia of The Violet Rose Makeup Studio has also tagged me for this award! Thank you Klaudia!

Anyway, this time, the rules are identical to the previous award, which was just a couple of days ago in this post, which also called for 7 things, and 7 tags.

Since it was just a couple of days ago, I feel like skipping the bit about the 7 things and going straight to the 7 tags, but well, I should be a good sport. So here goes, 7 more useless facts about boring ol' me:

1. I like writing poetry. I'm not good at it unfortunately.

2. My most favourite airport in the entire world is the Hong Kong International airport, because it has fast and free wireless internet (I know, that is SO random). It's also clean.

3. I've been in the airports of Japan, Hong Kong, and Dubai without actually stepping out to see the country outside. Just breaks my heart, really, when you're in a country but can't see it. Oh well. Such is life.

4. In addition to crappy poetry, I also like to compose random songs (I play the piano, so it's not hard to throw together chords and music). Unfortunately, I'm also not good at it.

5. I prefer makeup shopping in the US than in the UK. Things are just so expensive there, and stuff doesn't go on sale as often.

6. I'm really boring and conservative when it comes to makeup and nail colours, hence the 342353 taupe eyeshadows and the 234353 nude polishes, but I'm trying to get more creative.

7. I'm worried that my non-boring makeup and nail polish colours will no longer get any love when I start work (which is soon, by the way).

And, now to tag 7 more people. As always, this isn't the easy part. I'm tagging:

1. Maquillage Obscura
2. Lacquer Laine
3. Stash Swatch
4. Jellyminx Thinks
5. Birds Decorate Branches
6. Coloruza
7. Lotus Palace

And that's it for today! :)


  1. Wow, thanks! Fun colors can always get love on the weekends! (or on the toes for polish)

  2. Haha oops sorry! I didn't know that.


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