Canmake Cream Cheek Gel Blush Swatches!

Friday, January 22, 2010

Today I bring you yet another Asian brand - Canmake! I'm afraid I don't know very much about them, other than the fact that they're a Japan-based drugstore cosmetics line, and they're available in drugstores in some Asian countries. They have the cutest packaging that just makes you want to buy them!

Anyway, Canmake has just released a new line of cream blushes, called Cream Cheek. However, the selling point of these blushes is that it has a gel-type texture that dries to a powder instantly. While swatching these, I found the claims to be true, sort of. For one, I'm not sure if these are gel or cream. To me, cream means opaque, gel means transluscent or transparent (you know, like TheBalm Stainaic products, which were swatched in this post). So this opaque cream was a cream, and I'm not sure how it feels like a gel. I guess it's a light cream, and it definitely felt less heavy that the western type of cream blushes (like Bobbi Brown and Stila), but I'm not sure about the gel texture claim. And as for drying to a powder, well they sort of did that too. They didn't dry to a powder totally, but they did dry up on your skin to a half-powder-half-cream finish. Not too bad, I suppose. They don't dry up that fast, so you should have enough time to work the blushes.

The gel-textured Cream Cheek range (haha, I just had to do that, sorry) come in six shades, some of which are prettier than others. I think the colour range is eh-okay, but there are some standouts. One thing to note though, is that all the colours are quite sparkly and glittery, so this is definitely NOT for those who dislike sparkly blushes. Don't say I didn't tell you! :P

I'm sure you've had enough about me yabbering by now. So, without further ado, here we are: swatches! Thanks goes to my sister, who's knowledge of Katakana helped me to translate all the Japanese names! :D

Canmake Cream Cheek Gel Blush Swatch

L - R: Peach Dream, Cherry Pink, Strawberry Whip, Vitamin Orange, Sweet Apricot, Nut Cream

Peach Dream is a pretty, neutral light peach with a good dose of pink.
Cherry Pink is a bright cool-toned light magenta pink.
Strawberry Whip looks similar to Peach Dream, but it's not similar (stupid camera). It's most definitely pink. It's kinda barbie pink actually. Light pale pastel pink.
The oddly named Vitamin Orange is, well, orange. Bright orangey orange.
Sweet Apricot is a peachy pink colour, sort of like NARS Orgasm, but lighter, and with no gold shimmer (although it does have sparkles).
Nut Cream (haha, oh my, think of all the jokes I could put in here) is brown, and I'm not sure why Canmake would release such a colour in the Asian market, because it's not a very common colour among Asian brand blushes. It's also got a orange base, so for people who don't like orange-based browns, you might not like it.

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  1. Cherry Pink would be perfect for me...if I could get my hands on those that is. =) Great swatches!

  2. Sweet Apricot looks so pretty! Great swatches! :-)

  3. Wonder where I could find these...
    Swatches are so pretty!

  4. Sweet Apricot looks so pretty! I've also got like three blushes that look very much like it LOL. I guess I know what I like. =)

  5. @Dani M: They're available in some countries in Asia, so if you're not in Asia you'll have to hunt for an online store that sells it, or get an Asian girl to help you buy one!

    @Catherine: I think Sweet Apricot is one of the better ones in their line too :) LOL and I know how you feel about the blushes. It's like me and taupes.

    @LipGlossGossip: Thank you! I kind of wish the sparkle showed up more though, these look kinda matte somehow..

    @nihrida: LOL you'll need a CP I think! :P But it's not an undupable colour anyway! :)

  6. Yayy, thank you so much :))
    You put me in the nailpolish-mood, haha, I think I'm also gonna do a nailpolish feature on my blog :)) <3

  7. I'm loving these colours.. would you know if they're available anywhere in the UK? xx

  8. @Princesa Livia: I'm afraid they're not available in the UK. Your best bet is to find someone living in Asia to help you purchase them..

    @Shifa: I like Sweet Apricot too!

    @Pixie Dust: Yay! I love nail polish too :D


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