NOTD: OPI Lincoln Park After Dark Suede

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Today's NOTD is OPI's Lincoln Park After Dark Suede. I really love this colour, and the OPI Suede line in general - it really does matte without being flat. It's also incredibly fast drying, as in REALLY fast drying, although I guess you already knew that. It's also increibly chiptastic - I got a chip the very same day. Argh.

I really love the Suedes though. They're great for when I'm in a hurry.

These were with a basecoat underneath - I know people say you shouldn't use them, but I think as long as you let the basecoat dry completely before putting on the nail polish, there isn't a problem.

OPI Lincoln Park After Dark Suede



  1. wow thats so interesting, I love the regular and my sister has the matte, but this is something to check out for sure!

    does it it feel weird, like paint?

  2. @ObsessedMakeupAddict: It is thicker than the average OPI polish, and because it dries so fast (like literally within like 10secs or something), it does feel a little like paint, but it didn't strike me as weird..I don't think it deviates much from the mattes your sister has - the suedes are just mattes packed with tons of shimmer, so in terms of feel they're pretty much the same :)

    @ Catherine: thanks! :)

  3. This is a beautiful matte. I've found I like the look of the matte polishes better than the polishes with the matte top coat (I bought a matte topcoat instead of buying all the matte polishes I wanted). But this is a matte I REALLY want. It looks great on you!!

  4. @Brooke: You're so right! For some reason a matte topcoate isn't as great as using a matte polish! I don't know why though, it's like the matte topcoat just look like an old mani, it doesn't look quite right.

  5. I have this too, I love it to pieces except for the chipping part. If only there was a polish like this out there with every property of it (velvet-y matte finish, dries before I start painting my other hand, practically mistake-proof) but longer wearing, I'd be in nail-heaven.


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