Stuff I'm Actually Using Up: Smashbox Vapor Eyeshadow

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Look, look! Here's another item in my vast makeup stash that I'm actually using up! This is non other than Smashbox Vapor eyeshadow, and you can actually see more than half the pan of the eyeshadow! I'm so proud of myself!

Please excuse the really, really gross looking container. I know it makes the eyeshadow look that ancient, but it's only been with me for less than 2 years. It's just that the rubberized packaging gets dirty sooo fast, and I never bothered to clean it. Also, I dropped it a couple of times (as you can tell), so the eyeshadow got all smashed up in its container, and some of the eyeshadow powder got stuck onto the rubberized packaging. I did have a how-to clean a sticky case tutorial on my blog, but sheer laziness, that greatest of obstacles, prevented me from cleaning this particular eyeshadow. I kept thinking, "Oh well, I'm going to use it up anyway, why do I need to clean it?" LOL.

Anyway, all that muck on the eyeshadow casing is why I absolutely HATE the NARS/Smashbox/Becca packaging - it just gets sticky and dirty so fast, and normal soap and water, or wet wipes, doesn't clean it at all. But gunky packaging aside, Smashbox does have great powder eyeshadows, in general I've found them to have a nice soft texture, and be quite blendable. Some shades are more pigmented than others, but the good ones are excellent. Vapor, this particular shade, has been one of my go-to all-over lid shades, for days where my eyes look tired and I want a MLBB (My Lids But Better) shade to even out the colour tone and make them look more awake.

Smashbox Vapor has really accompanied me everywhere for the past nearly 2 years, including on major translantic flights (24 hours on a plane, oh joy), as well as moving house (and not just house, moving country!) not once but twice! So I guess it's also so gross-looking because it's seen a lot of wear and tear. Due to rough handling by baggage handlers, house movers, and just me dropping the eyeshadow, lid is cracked and broken in two parts. But it still fits the container, and it still works! That's not too bad, right?

smashbox vapor eyeshadow 2

Anyway, apologies that I don't have any swatches this time round (I suck I know, but there isn't much of the eyeshadow left for me to swatch with), but it's somewhat similar to Smashbox Strike, which I've featured before, except that Strike is slightly darker and yellower. But anyway, there you go - another item I've used up. Now I can feel at liberty to acquire yet another eyeshadow! :P


  1. now that u've mentioned it, I start to think the packaging really is from ancient time, lol. btw, do you have any /es trick for super super hooded double eyelids? >.< thank u =D

  2. So much of my make up looks like this! Sounds like a great shade x

  3. kudos gal!! i dun think i have ever utilised one eye shadow to the max like you did!! :D

    oh yeh, ju ann here! nice to have met you yesterday! :D

  4. Congratulations on using it up. Or nearly! That is an accomplishment. :D

    I hit pan on my bronzer, yesterday and I was so tickled that I almost did a little happy dance. lol

  5. Wow it's endured so much! At last you've finished it :) SO CONGRATS! nice review!


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