First Ever Reader Feedback Survey!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

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I can't tell you how excited I am to show you my first ever reader survey for this blog! Believe it or not, the idea for having such a survey actually came to me at work! I recently completed my first year of work, and part of the procedure is that you get assessed by your bosses.

I found the feedback I got from my bosses very helpful in terms of helping me to pinpoint ways to improve, as well as understanding my own strengths and weaknesses. And then, an idea struck me - wouldn't it be great if I could do something like that for my blog too?

And thus, the first ever reader feedback survey! I know it's kinda long, but I figured if I was serious about getting your feedback, I may as well do it properly. All entries are anonymous, so please feel free to rant, rave, and speak your mind! I hope to get a large enough sample size to draw meaningful conclusions, and if enough of you fill it out, I'll be reporting back with the results!

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