Steamcream Review: Rich, Yet Light Moisture

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Steamcream is a UK-based brand that makes just one product, the eponymous handmade multi-purpose moisturizer that comes in its signature aluminium tins. Despite Steamcream only having one product, it has garnered a pretty huge following, both in the West as well as in key Asian markets, such as Japan, where Steamcream was first launched. Steamcream has finally launched in Singapore a few months back, so I just had to try it.

Steamcream comes in this absolutely adorable aluminimum tub (75g per tub). Okay, so it's not the most sanitary or convenient packaging, since you have to continually dip your fingers into the pot to reapply, and my preference is really more for a packaging with a pump dispenser, or in tube form, but I can't stop being impressed by how simply cute the tin is. It also helps that the tin comes in a myriad of designs, with seasonal limited editions out every now and then. I mean, it just makes you want to collect them all, doesn't it? Just like Pokemon!

Anyway, this particular design I have is called Yume, and is from a set of Japanese-themed designs that will be in Singapore soon. The Yume Steamcream design features pretty stylized cherry blossoms on a light pink background - very pretty, very cute, and very girly! It was so hard to decide which tin design was my favourite - they have loads of tins, including other girly motifs (hearts, flowers and so on), pets and animals (ducks, pigs, dogs, cats) and even a cars-themed one for the guys and less-girly girls.

steamcream yume tin

The cream itself is not a disappointment. It touts itself as being the only cream that is made with a special steam-infused manufacturing process. Steamcream claims that this manufacturing process produces an emulsion that is lightly bound together, and that breaks down upon contact with skin. The net effect is that the cream is supposed to be light and fast-absorbing, starting to sink into the skin upon first contact.

The cream has a light off-white colour, and a very fragrant smell, due to the inclusion of lavender and other essential oils. It smells mainly of lavender, which I personally love, although I can imagine others may not like the smell as much - fragrance is a personal thing, after all.

steamcream 2

As promised, Steamcream is indeed very light, and almost watery in texture, and when applied to the body it does indeed absorb very fast. However, it still feels rich on the skin, in that it doesn't feel like one of those watery lotions that seem to disappear - with Steamcream, while it is light, it doesn't quite "disappear" into the skin, and you do feel the cream on your skin. The lavender smell dissipates pretty quickly upon application, which would be a good or bad thing depending on your preference for scent. I was definitely impressed with the light feel and fast absorption.

Steamcream encourages their product to be used all over the body - hands, legs, and also face, but I personally don't like it on my face so much due to my skin's sensitivity to essential oils. It also feels a little bit too oily for my face, but then again I do have oily, sensitive skin. However, as a body moisturizer, this is good for hot, humid weather, where you need some hydration but don't want to feel sticky after applying the moisturizer.

steamcream 3

All in all, would I recommend this? Sure, why not, if you want a rich yet light moisturizer, and don't mind the finicky tin packaging. I'm honestly quite curious to see what else Steamcream will put out, if anything - what about a lipbalm, or even an eye cream? I'd love a Steamcream lipbalm!

Steamcream is priced at S$25.90, and is available from various retail outlets, such as BHG, Watsons and Nishino Pharmacy, as well as online at Beauty Carousel. The Steamcream Facebook Page is currently running a giveaway for an exclusive Disney-themed Steamcream, so do check that out if you're interested too.

(Product was sent for review. Review is my complete and honest opinion. I am not affiliated with/compensated by the company.)


  1. I need to try steam cream - but I'm more of a body oil girl myself!

  2. That's pretty pricy! Wow! I've never heard of a line only having one product. Haha.

  3. How interesting and your post made me google has such a unique story (from the UK but first launched in Japan!) and the ingredients look v down-to-earth and it sounds like it smells lovely. Will go check it out!!

  4. Last time, NTUC Unity was selling. Now they no more carry this product.


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