Sparitual Wilde Collection Swatches

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Sparitual's highly anticipated Wilde Collection perhaps best epitomizes what Autumn is - moody, varied, and unpredictable. There is a good range of shades in this collection, and I'm sure there's something for everyone. For those who are more eco/health/whatever-conscious, the Sparitual polishes are all vegan too. I personaly don't check to see if my polishes are vegan or not (since most brands aren't), but I'm aware that some consumers like the vegan aspect.

By the way, my Singaporean girls can all get 10% off on their Sparitual purchases with the code sparitual_musicalhouses - all you have to do is email squovalicious (at) hotmail (dot) com to place your order, and put the code sparitual_musicalhouses in the subject line of your email. And that's all you have to do! Hopefully the swatches that follow will help you on your purchasing decisions - there are some really fab colours in here!

First, let's take a look at the Wilde Collection in its entirety. Wow, there's purple, grey, green, red...Sparitual sure has got it all covered!

Now for closer up swatches of the official Sparitual swatches, followed by my corresponding finger swatches. I do feel that my finger swatches are a more accurate representation of colour, as for some reason, swatching on plastic just isn't quite the same to me. First up, we have Instinct and Spirit Child. Instinct is a nice bluple (cross between blue and purple) colour that leans more purple than blue. Spirit Child is a shimmery red - nothing very interesting here, just a shimmery red for Fall.

sparitual wilde collection 1

On my nail, you can really see how purple Instinct is. You can also see that it has this very pretty shimmer that is visible when the light hits the nail, that isn't captured in the official Sparitual swatches. This looks much prettier on. Unfortunately, I didn't manage to get swtches of Spirit Child, oops.

sparitual instinct wilde collection

Next we have Running with Wolves, and Rhythm of Life. Here are the official swatches, but you'll really have to see these on to see how much nicer they look on the nail. Come to think of it, I'm not sure how Running with Wolves is named...I mean wolves are grey, not brown, aren't they?

sparitual wilde collection 2

Running of Wolves looks like a poopy diaper brown on the nail wheel swatches, but it really is a brown-based shade with an interesting duochrome finish. Sure it's brown, but it isn't poopy brown. On my nail it looks more like a brown with gold and possibly russet duochrome. It's actually quite an interesting shade, and very eye-catching.

sparitual running with wolves wilde collection

Rhythm of Life is a emerald greeen shade that is very jewel-toned. Quite pretty, and the shimmer that is on my nal doesn't show up as much on the official Sparitual swatches. I like how Rhythm of Life looks almost has that glow to it.

sparitual rhythm of life wilde collection

Lastly, we have Sacred Ground and Howl. Sacred Ground was one of the favourites at the Sparitual event, and is definitely my favourite out of all the Sparitual shades I've swatched so far (previous swatcches included the Sparitual Twinkle Collection and the Sparitual In Pink Collection).

sparitual wilde collection 3

I am pretty excited about Sacred Ground, simply just because it's so gorgeous. It's a grey, but it's more than that. If you look closely, you'll see that Sacred Ground is acttually comprised of smal teeny glitter bits of various colours, that meld together to give the effect of a twinkling grey foil. Actually, this colour reminds me of Hard Candy's Mr Wrong (which I've had forever but never used), as it is simlar in its grey foil finish.

sparitual sacred ground wilde collection

Last but not least, Howl. Howl is an almost-black (or is it actually black?) deep, deep brown shade with embedded red glitter. You can't really see the glitter though, unless strong light hits the nail - here in the photo you can kinda see a little bit of red shimmer showing through where the nail is lighted. I kinda wish the glitter showed through a little more, it would make for an exciting colour. Still, this isn't too bad a vampy shade.

sparitual howl wilde collection

Out of all the Sparitual collections I've swatched so far, this onne looks the most promising. Sacred Ground is a gorgeous colour, and definitely the standout of the entire Wilde Collection to me. But Rhythm of Life and Running with Wolves are also gorgeous, and Instinct is also a great pick if you like purples. I'm pretty sure that if Sparitual keeps coming out with more colours like these, they're going to win over many more nail fanatics.

(Some information supplied by PR at an event. Photos and content are my own. Post is my honest and complete opinion. I am not affiliated with/compensated by the company.)


  1. They are all so pretty. I've never tried anything from the line but think the colours and the packaging are so nice.

  2. In regards to the color "Running With Wolves..." Wolves are not necessarily strictly grey. There are many different subspecies of wolves. Some wolf subspecies which the color might be referring to or inspired by include red wolves, Eurasian wolves, and Ethiopian wolves. :)
    I think my favorite of this collection by far is Sacred Ground.

  3. I would wear all of these colors, so pretty!

  4. I would wear all of these colors, so pretty!

  5. I love all colors!

  6. I like sacred ground and howl!! so gorgeous!!

  7. these colours are really amazing! I really love howl! :)

  8. The whole collection. Get in my nail drawer. Now.


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