Small Haul: China Glaze and Annabelle

Monday, October 3, 2011

Although I'm a huge makeup junkie, I have to admit that due to my busy job, I don't really buy as much makeup as I'd like - it's hard to keep up with all the collections when you're working 12 hours a day, 5 days a week! I think I actually do spend more time in the office than at home. So thank goodness for proxy hauls, which I engage in by asking my fellow blogger friends to help me purchase stuff I want. (Thanks Lynn for helping me shop!)

This haul is really tiny, but it's a happy haul! The first two things I got were two China Glaze nail polishes. I don't have that much China Glaze (by brand Nails Inc comes out tops) but I love what I have, and I'm always wanting more. And I happen to be on a teal/turquoise nail polish kick at the moment. So I ended up with Beauty and the Beach, a sheer shimmery turquoise, and Metallic Muse, which I got just because it would be awesome to konad with, and because it's just so cool!

L-R: China Glaze Beauty and the Beach, China Glaze Metallic Muse

I actually meant to get Turned Up Turquoise instead of Beauty and the Beach, because sheer polishes aren't really my thing, but they were out of stock of Turned Up Turquoise. Oh well.

Next, I got one Annabelle eyeshadow. Yes, just one. I had actually given my friend a long list of eyeshadow names, but they were all unavailable (come on Annabelle, how often do we people from Asia get to go to Canada?). So she ended up getting Divine Diva, which was close to one of the shades I wanted.

annabelle divine diva

Okay, that photo above doesn't really do justice to the colour in the pan - for some reason the light keeps reflecting off the plastic. But it's really a gorgeous colour - it's a brown, with a hint of plum, and gold shimmer. I've read online that it's a dupe for MAC Trax, which is good, since I don't have Trax yet.

Here's a better shot of the actual eyeshadow pan itself. Isn't it just gorgeous?

annabelle divine diva pan

I can't wait to use all these shades on my eyes and nails (not all at once, of course). Welcome these little additions to my huge makeup and nail polish family!


  1. those polishes look so pretty! I like the gold in the eyeshadow, it's kinda mesmerizing!
    Grace xx

  2. Love the nail polish!!! Great choice of colors!!!!

  3. Haha Annabelle is a finicky brand to hunt down. Some drugstores will have the latest collection and some will have things that aren't even on the product website.
    If you're still lemming after Annabelle products, let one of us Canadians know xD

  4. I've never heard on Annabelle before.. I feel as though Im living under a rock now. Eek. Ah! I love the China glaze colours~ Im on a nail polish kick too right now.. with OPI! You make me want those China Glaze shades.. they look great in the bottle, Can't wait to see some Konad art with those polishes ^^ Please do a NOTD when you're not busy and have time to blog again :D


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