Mimididi 3D Flashing Diamond Powder Eyeshadow: The Foiled Eye Look

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Every so often, I come across a cheap-yet-awesome makeup product, and then it becomes my mission to share it with all of you guys. My most recent cheap, unknown, but still pretty darn good find is the Mimididi 3D Diamond Powder Eyeshadow. I'm not too sure where the Mimididi brand hails from, other than that it's from somewhere in Asia - it kind of sounds Korean, but I can't seem to find a Korean makeup brand called Mimididi (I did find an online clothes shop/fashion website of the same name though).

The Mimididi Flashing Diamond Powder Eyeshadows come in a range of shades, and can be found on KKCenterHK, a Hong Kong-based retailer and wholesaler of a wide range of cosmetic and nail items. I've had a few dealings with KKCenterHK, and so far, they've been pretty reliable and reasonable in terms of communication, shipping, and quality of products. I got the Mimididi Powder Eyeshadow in shade 5 - it was so hard picking just one, because I was just so attracted to how shiny and blingy and awesome they looked online.

The Mimididi Diamond Powder Eyeshadows come in a small little plastic box, with a see-through window showing the colour of the eyeshadow. You actually get quite a generous amount of product - the pans are quite a lot bigger than your typical MAC-sized eyeshadow pans. They're closer in size to the Stila eyeshadow pans. For US$7, it's not a bad deal.

mimididi 3D diamond powder eyeshadow box

Each eyeshadow comes with a flip-up base, containing a small little mirror, as well as a sponge eyeshadow applicator. Both of these would be useful in a pinch, although they are probably too small for everyday use. The extra bulk makes the eyeshadow case a little clunky, but it's nothing I can't live with.

mimidid 3D diamond powder eyeshadow 2

The shade I got, No. 5, is a gorgeous neutral antique gold-brown shade, but with lots of foil-y shimmer Think of Stila's Golightly or Wheat, or MAC Patina, but all blinged up and on steriods! I gotta admit, I really love this shade. It's a neutral shade, but totally taken to a whole new level with the kickass shimmer and glitter. The perfect illustration of a shade that's neutral but not boring!

mimididi 3d diamond powder eyeshadow close

Now, as a rule I generally don't like products that are too glittery, but this isn't like some eyeshadows with irritating big glitter bits. The effect is really more like a foiled pigment when applied on the eye. Don't believe me? Just check out the EOTD (Eye of the Day) I did with this eyeshadow. I loved the colour so much, I didn't want to pair it with anything else, so it was just this eyeshadow on the eyelid area, blended out a bit towrds the contour area.

mimididi 3D diamond powder eyeshadow eotd 1

One big advantage of the Mimididi eyeshadows is that you can acheive a foiled effect, without the risk of knocking over a container of loose pigment and having its contents stain the carpet. (That actually happened to me...I had to vacuum the carpet, then use tape to remove the coloured residue that refused to be vacuumed out. Sigh.)

Of course, since the Mimididi Diamond Powder Eyeshadows are essentially like big bits of pigments, but pressed, I would still recommend extra care when applying them, since there is fallout to be sure. I'd say the fallout is more than your average pressed eyeshadow, but isn't as troublesome as some loose pigments I've dealt with.

mimididi 3D diamond powder eyeshadow eotd 2

Also, in order for these to really pop and give that "I-foiled-a-pigment" effect, I recommend using a primer, or some sort of sticky base, under the eyeshadows, as on a dry, bare eye, the effect isn't as great. Here in these photos, I was too lazy to use a proper primer, so I just a bit of my undereye concealer for the base. I was using MAC Studio Finish Concealer, but I don't generally recommend using concealer as a base, because the concealer may slide and shift, moving the eyeshadow along with it. This is where I have to encourage you to do as I say, not as I do :P

mimididi 3D diamond powder eyeshadow eotd 3

All in all, I'm pretty impressed. For a no-brand, unknown-origin eyeshadow, the Mimididi eyeshadow really exceeded the lowly expectations I set for it. I love the neutral-but-not-boring colour that's classy but with a touch of bling, I love the foiled effect it gives, and I like that I can create such an effect without having to use loose pigments. I'm quite glad I discovered this cheap, unknown gem, and am quite happy with it. The only downside is that it does still have fallout when used without a base, but hey, I guess if you want that foiled look, you gotta put in some work, right?

(Product was sent for review. Review is my complete and honest opinion. I am not affiliated with/compensated by the company.)


  1. There's a shop called Bellerina right behind Clementi Mall (adjacent to Bee Cheng Hiang) which stocks products from Mimididi too, but I haven't noticed this particular one. I bought and own three palettes from the brand and love them to bits. ;)

  2. I love its neutral brown color :D

  3. I'm impressed too! I wonder how hard it is to get ahold of these in the states?

  4. It is a gorgeous color on you. I am sucker for neutral brown tones.


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