GOSH Glamorous Eyeshadow Swatches

Saturday, October 15, 2011

GOSH is one of my favourite UK drugstore brands, and so far, I've pretty much liked everything I tried from them, which to this point includes their nail polishes, lipsticks, eyeliners, eyeshadows, and probably a few more items that have slipped my mind. They're a tad more expensive than some of their competitors, but I do feel that the quality is worth the little bit extra.

I actually found these swatches of the GOSH Glamorous Eyeshadow sitting around in my hard drive, and I couldn't believe I hadn't posted them yet! I think these swatches have been lying around for a year, and I had just forgotten about them. Come to think of it, I really need to start looking through my photos and seeing what else I haven't posted yet...there's probably more where that came from.

L - R: 10 Gold, 11 Silver, 16 Copper, 13 Beige, 14 Grey Brown, 17 Purple, 12 Aqua, 15 Bottle Green

10 Gold is a shimmery yellow gold.
11 Silver is a white-silver. More white than silver, if you ask me.
16 Copper is a orangey coppery shade. Also has shimmer.
13 Beige is a shimmery light beige. This is slightly sheerer than some of the other shades.
14 Grey Brown is OMG TAUPE OMG TAUPE! *Calms down* Okay, it's a shimmery brownish-grey taupe. Unlike some other taupes, which also pull purple, this one doesn't have any purple in it. Very pretty, very neutral, and so work appropriate, too. Oh, by the way, the photo is mislabelled - the proper name is Grey Brown, not Brown Grey. D'oh!
17 Purple is a violet purple. This one has less shimmer than the rest - I can't remember if it's matte or not.
12 Aqua is a shimmery light sky blue shade.
15 Bottle Green is very pretty, too. It's an emerald green with glitter.

These are powder eyeshadows that come in a little dome, like the baked mineralized eyeshadows. They're meant to be used both dry as well as wet for more intensity. These swatches are all on dry skin. My favourites are Grey Brown (I've previously swatched Grey Brown together with other taupes) , as well as Bottle Green.


  1. Those colours are beautiful against your skin!

  2. lovely colors!!! really pigmented!!


  3. These are gorgeous colours! I love this brown grey :) yes I know what you mean - I always take some photos for future posts and I can easily forget about them too! That's why I now keep a list... and tick off what I've already posted ^^


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