NOTD: Nubar Petunia Sparkle: It's Freaking FUSCHIA?!

Monday, August 2, 2010

I bought Nubar's Petunia Sparkle, thinking it would look like a nice bright purple. Because that was what ALL the swatches I saw on blogs showed me. Purple. Straight-up purple. Nevermind that Nubar's own swatches showed a pink - I was thinking, bloggers don't lie, right? And they're usually much more accurate than lousy website swatches.

WRONG. In this case, all of you lied to me! :P But I don't blame you guys - it's just one of those polish that's a major PITA to photograph accurately, as I soon found out for myself.

See, when I took my photos of Petunia Sparkle, they all turned out like this:

Nubar Petunia Sparkle

Looks purple, right? That's the colour I saw in all the blog swatches I was reading, and that's the colour I thought I would get when I bought it.

But noo, it doesn't look like that at all - definitely not on me, at least. On me, it's more of a hot fuschia colour. Like, bright fuschia. Almost-neon-but-not-quite-but-still-full-of-bling fuschia.

This is how it REALLY looks like on me. And while I rarely edit my photos (I never photoshop them, although I do occasionally edit indoor photos for colour accuracy) I had to colour-edit this one picture below, because it was necessary. Despite my 2343252523 shots of Petunia Sparkle, it just kept showing up purple on my camera. But on me, it's not purple at all. It's really a lot more pink, a lot less purple, but still really hot.

See, see, see? I told you it was necessary, right? I know purples tend to photograph blue most of the time, and usually I can visually compensate for that, but somehow for this colour, it photographs so much bluer that the colour seems to be a different colour altogether! Of course it's still one hot sizzling colour - but when I bought it, I was really expecting it to be purple, not pink.

And it's really funny, because there I was thinking, "All those bloggers lied to me!" But when I tried to photograph it myself, ALL of my shots turned up purple, forcing me to resort to colour-editing. But I colour-edited them because I just wanted to show you guys what the colour really looked like on me. I don't want anyone who might buy nail polish based on my photos thinking it's a purple, because on me it's definitely fuschia!

(Before anyone starts thinking that I'm one of those bloggers who photoshops my cuticles and erases my pimples, I'd like to state my blog policy on photo-editing. My policy on photo-editing is that I do it to enhance colour accuracy, and that's it. I don't edit anything other than colour, period. I don't make my cuticles look neater, or my face look more contoured, and if you look my photos I think that's pretty obvious. It's a distinction I'd like to make clear, because I am indeed aware of the controversy that could potentially surround a post like this.)


  1. Even thoughts its a fuschia colour, I still really like it on you =P. I think it's really pretty and you're application is so neat =). You have lovely nails. XXX

  2. I too sometimes alter the colour of pictures. Some people may call it fake, but all it is, is altering the wrong colour appearing in a photo, for whatever reason and changing it to the correct colour for people to see.

    I must say I do like the first colour better :P But that's just because I'm not a huge fan on fuchsia. This is because it was my favourite colour as a child and I've out used it too much.

  3. I love that color anyway, but it is pretty shocking when you buy a polish, try it on, and it is NOTHING like what you thought! And I think your photo editing is a good idea in this case! I've only done it once, and it was with China Glaze Treehugger. Just couldn't capture it!

  4. LMAO at photoshopping your cuticles. You crack me up. Although sadly I believe I know what you are referring to!

    I was surprised by this color too... But there IS a purple one... I need to go look when i get home.

  5. I was forced to post really crappy blurry pics that were at least colour accurate :)

    I love this polish. Perhaps my favourite from last year.

  6. @jbrobeck: I'm glad you got the joke! There are 2 purple colours from the Sparkle collection I think. One was Violet Sparkle, and the one that looks like the un-edited picture is Hyacinth Sparkle.

  7. Purple or Fuschia, I love this colour and I'm going to keep an eye out for it. I MUST HAVE IT! Looks good on you too x

  8. That's so bizarre, because usually it's purple that refuses to show up on camera - rather than fuchsia TURNING purple on camera! :D

  9. so cute!
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  10. Hi, I just googled the Nubar polish and found your blog. I know you made this post ages ago, but if you want the more purple version of this polish, you could buy Nubar Violet Sparkles.

  11. This is divine!

    ... and I do mean both versions... I simply cannot choose - they're both equally fabulous!

    Petunia Sparkle, I love you.


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