Zoya Spooning: Weirdest Ad Ever

Monday, August 30, 2010

Update: Apparently the "Spoons" idea is a LOT more boring than any of us thought. It's basically swatches of a nail polish on a fake nail that you can order. Yes, really. It's supposed to help you never order the wrong colour ever again, because you can hold the fake nail up to your real nail and see it against your skin. And this fake nail swatch is all yours for 50 cents. Is that lame or what? There are bloggers aplenty who swatch with awesome colour accuracy, and anyone can paint polish on a fake nail and sell it for less than 50 cents. They can even buy up new collections and swatch them all and sell them for less than a buck! Sorry Zoya, I'm not excited by this at all.

(Picture from MUA)

If you haven't already heard, Zoya plans to introduce this product called "spooning" on 1st September. Apparently they thought mystery was the best publicity, so they put out a rather cryptic ad on Youtube, with an overenthusiastic girl gushing about how "spooning is amazing" - without telling us what spooning is, of course. They're keeping us in suspense til the official launch date.

Personally, I don't like the ad. I know the whole suspense thing can be a valuable asset in a marketing campaign, but I don't think the Spooning ad got it quite right. After I watched the video, I was left frowning and scratching my head, instead of feeling intrigued and curious. And the acting kind of annoyed me a little, and it didn't add to the sense of mystery, either. I mean, if you want to be mysterious, why have an overly perky girl shilling your product? They don't quite go together, somehow.

That said, I suppose that me blogging about it means that as far as this blog is concerned, Zoya has probably done it's job (i.e. gotten people like me to talk about it). But seriously, this has gotta be the weirdest ad ever for a nail polish product. And not in a good way.

Of course, as you might imagine, what spooning exactly is has been speculated about, to some extent. Guesses I've heard are the option to franken your own polish, by mixing "spoons" of Zoya's current polishes together, or maybe a sample system by which you can order "spoons" or trial sizes of polishes before getting the full sized ones. These both sound reasonable to me. I really like the frankening idea, though! I'm hoping it will mean that we can mix our own polishes from Zoya's current stock online, and then order it just like any other colour.

What do you think of the ad? Sufficiently intriguing, or just confusing? Any guesses as to what "spooning" is?


  1. a layering system? :/ but i guess the frankening one might be it :) eh i dont like the ad either lol. :)

  2. spooning..wow.. lame commercial... lol. lame name....ahaha ok jeee i get it you want us to spoon with zoya kate.. etc.. um no i only spoon with hot guys... lol

  3. Not a very good video... They could do much better. I only know about spooning with my BF, so this doesn't really interest me. Not yet. And spooning with nail polish? I love nail polish but not that much.

  4. I completely agree with your opinion of the Zoya Spooning Confessions video.

    I had hoped that Zoya would release a home version of CND Shellac even though I know that wish is unrealistic. Now that I've heard that the new product is called spooning, I'm less excited about the product.

  5. I think it's a layering system...maybe something to give the polish a metallic look.
    The ad sucks, so not much hype for it to live up to so far. :)

  6. dear me. i am so glad i didnt hear of the ad before today cos otherwise it would have annoyed the hell out of me. i do agree, so much bulding suspense for a freaking swatch on a fake nail? pff. the ad is not confusing and intriguing, it is just annoying and building nothing which might disappoint.

    'spooning is amazing' >> all it leaves in your mouth, when you know what the actual product is a feeling that this girl needs a life. If zoya can live with bulding a hype which may not live up to it, it's their call but not mine.

    I don't like the word either. It suggests something very intimate (me thinks of the lovely intimate sleeping position) so for me this is like, (excuse the comparison) promising a big boner when you all get is a peck on the cheek. not quite a turn on for me i am afraid.
    zoya: i'd rather see swatches of real people on blogs and read about their real personal experiences with a polish rather than purchasing a plastic thing which I could see in a shop if there was a shop nearby selling zoya polishes.

    thank you for the lovely post chicken. xx

  7. This probably would have been a killer idea five years ago when beauty/nail blogs were basically non-existent.
    Now though, it's just a missed opportunity because chances are pretty high that the same lady who is shopping online for polish is the same one googling for swatches beforehand!

  8. I think it's funny how they act like this is so innovative, when I've always done this with nail wheels...that works in the same way as these spoons. I know you have to buy the polish with the nail wheels, but still.


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