Eyeko Chi Chi Polish and Punk Polish Swatches!

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Eyeko has launched two new shades, Chi Chi Polish and Punk Polish. One's a glitter and one's a neon, but they're both pink! Punk Polish is a hot neon pink creme, while Chi Chi is a rose pink glitter in a clear base.

Eyeko Chi Chi Punk Polish

You know I'm a huge fan of swatching, but unfortunately, it so happens that I happen to already have done my nails, complete with nail stickers and bling, and it would have been difficult to remove all that to swatch two polishes. (What, you mean you haven't seen my nail bling yet? See my nail bling here. And follow me on Twitter so you don't miss my future exploits!:P ) So I swatched them on some false nails I had lying around instead. I hope you guys don't mind, I promise that real nail swatches will be up soon!

Here is Chi Chi Polish for Girly Nails:

Eyeko Chi Chi Polish

This is a not-too-dense glitter in clear base, and this was 3 coats. You'll probably need 3-4 coats for full opacity. This would probably work well for layering, because the glitter won't obscure the colour below it. As a standalone colour it's pretty, but you'll need to put more coats on. I personally love this colour, it's sweet and girly but it still packs a punch due to the glitter. It's not too boring.

Here's Punk Polish, for Neon Nails:

Eyeko Punk Polish

This is a hot pink neon shade. It's not retina-searing neon, but it's still a pretty bright hot pink nevertheless. This is a creme and it is nicely opaque in two coats. Otherwise, there's not much I can say - the pictures do all the talking, really :)

Application-wise, both of these were the usual Eyeko quality - that is to say, the texture is a bit thicker than some of the other polishes out there, but they apply quite well. And they're pretty good value for the price, too, so these are worth checking out if you like any of the colours.

(This product was sent to me for review. I am not affiliated with or compensated by the company. This review is my honest and complete opinion.)


  1. Too cute! Love the sparkle one.
    I follow you! :) xx

  2. Punk looks beautiful! Love the other one too. :)

  3. i like the hot pink one. i prefer my glitter nail polishes smoother than this

  4. i love the hot pink on; i like glitter nail polish's but at times they're abitt irritating i own three glitter ones but i barely use them :/ i like that smooth touch to my nails :)

    feel free to check out my blog @ http://berryrushx3.blogspot.com/
    if you have time <3 'xo

  5. Chi Chi looks like my cup of tea.

    I just checked out your nail bling.... I ROVE ITTTTT! <3

  6. these look so cute especially the sparkle one :)

    oh btw i just did a review on the chi silk infusion, you can check it out if you like


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