PAM Junior Makeup Artists Competition

Thursday, August 26, 2010

I feel really bad about not having a "proper" post up (on a related note, I HANDED IN MY DISSERTATION TODAY! WOOHOO! Yeah so that's why I didn't post today), but I promise I'll have one tomorrow, if Blogger stops being so PMS-y. Anyway, today must be news day or something, because this is the second time I'm posting news! is a UK-based seller of makeup supplies for professionals, and they have just opened their "Student" section of their site, HERE. In conjunction with the opening of the student section, they have launched a Junior Makeup Artist Competition, and the prize is £500 worth of makeup, affiliate prizes, and a chance to join the pros on a film set. Pretty cool, eh?

I thought I'd give you guys a heads-up in case anyone wants to take part. The full details can be accessed HERE. If you're taking part, good luck!


  1. ooh congats on the thesis.. im too much of a makeup novice.. though.. lol


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