GOSH Eyeshadow Quartet Swatches: Vanity Pastels and Modest Liberty

Sunday, August 29, 2010

While passing by Superdrug (I swear I wasn't getting makeup! :P ) I noticed that GOSH had put out two new eyeshadow palettes, called Eyeshadow Quartets. They aren't the Eyeshadow Quattros in round packaging. These ones had four small round eyeshadow pans in a square casing, and they actually looked similar to the Stila Montmartre and Marrakesh quads that were put out awhile back.

These quartets come in two shades - one consists of pastels, called Vanity Pastels, and the other one (which I actually like a lot) is called Modesthttp://www.blogger.com/home?pli=1 Liberty, and is a set of neutrals - one of which is a TAUPE! And if you are a taupe lover like me, this will make you happy. *Does a taupe dance*

Here is Modest Liberty. I'm starting of with this because THERE IS A TAUPE. I've even thoughtfully swatched a similar GOSH Single Eyeshadow, 14 Grey Brown, next to it, because I know you'll be wondering if it's a dupe for the single eyeshadow:

GOSH Modest Liberty

L - R: 14 Grey Brown, Modest Liberty

I really love this one, it's something I'll absolutely wear. It consists of a taupe (hellooo taupe!), a light pink, a light yellow, and a gunmetal grey. All the shadows are shimmery, but not overly so, and I think the shimmer is pretty much wearable. Pigmentation on this one started off a tad sheer but was easily buildable, as evidenced by the swatches.

And unfortunately, Grey Brown isn't a dupe for the taupe in Modest Liberty. It's more purple and brown based, whereas the taupe in Modest Liberty is more grey. Also, the taupe in Modest Liberty is a shade lighter, and doesn't have any of the sparkle of Grey Brown. Personally, I prefer Grey Brown, but I think the Modest Liberty quad is really pretty too.

Here's Vanity Pastels:

GOSH Vanity Pastels

This one has a pastel blue-green, a pastel lilac purple, a pastel pink, and a pastel off-white vanilla colour.

As you can tell from my lack of enthusiam, this one I found a little more meh. Not because I hate pastels, but because compared to Modest Liberty, Vanity Pastels is weaker in pigmentation. I mean, it's not terrible, but it's not as great as the other quad. And it doesn't have a taupe.

Quality-wise, these are different from the usual GOSH Single Eyeshadows, which are domed and slightly harder in texture. This one is more like the GOSH Trios and Quattros, with a similar soft texture and medium but buildable pigmentation. If you liked those, these quartets would worth trying as well. The only thing is that compared to the relatively large size of the Quattros, these are a little tinier in size.


  1. I really like the first one. I have never had the chance to try ANY eyeshadows from GOSH, what other brand would you compare them to, quality wise?

  2. Ooh I love the look of Modest Liberty. I'll definitely be checking that out next time i'm in Superdrug :) x

  3. @jbrobeck: This is probably not too close, but I think they're closer to the newer Stila eyeshadow pans (which are a bit less pigmented and harder than the original ones). They're about as pigmented as the newer Stila shades (that is to say, medium pigmentation, not 100% on first swipe but buildable), and they're on the soft side, but not crumbly-soft, if you know what I mean. They're slightly harder than the Stila pans. I hope this helps!

  4. The Modesty Liberty looks good. Definitely worthy of being checked out. The pastel however don't look as good and i suspect a lot of fall out from them looking at the swatches. Plus I'm way over pastels at the moment :-)

  5. So you weren't planning to get makeup, you mean...but you did! Haha I am exactly the same way. I go into a drugstore for toilet paper and come out with three new mascaras.
    I really love the pastels! Great find.
    I follow you :) xx


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