Fall 2010 Makeup Trends: Chanel's "Paint Print" Eye: Hate it or Love it?

Monday, August 23, 2010

One of the awesome things about being a blogger, as opposed to a beauty magazine, is that I don't have to wax lyrical over every beauty or fashion trend that comes out. If I think it's ugly, I can say it, and there's nothing you can do about it! Neener neener!

As you might know, I don't follow fashion trends, whether it's clothes, makeup, or nail polish - I'm a "I'll-wear-what-I-like-dammit" kind of girl. Besides, most Autumn/Winter 2010 makeup trends seen on the runway have been nothing out of the ordinary so far (dark lips, check, smokey eyes, check). But this one surprised me, so I just had to show it to all of you.

Apparently Chanel decided to reproduce the print on their new bags on their models' eyes. Hence making for some really strange-looking eye makeup.

(Image from Style.com)

Of course, the fashion press calls it visionary and inspiring, and I guess it is visionary - the concept of taking a print from a bag or an article of clothing and attempting to reproduce it as makeup is not a common one. So I guess Chanel scores points for originality. (If you want to, you can read more about it HERE.)

But I just can't feel the look on this one. I don't know about you, but to me it just looks like messily-applied eyeshadow. All the way up to the temples and eyebrows. It looks like a five-year-old attempted to apply mascara on the model. (It isn't, of course. It's eyeliner and pigment, carefully applied with brushstrokes.) While I kind of think the concept of transferring prints is cool, and while I like the print on the bag (white bags with a black bottom? Very practical!), I don't really like how it looks as makeup on a person's face. I mean, I know beauty on the runway is usually about putting on a show and creating some drama, and thus highly exaggerated, and us mere mortals are supposed to use it as "inspiration" and reinterpret it for everyday wear, but I'll be darned if I know how to be "inspired" by this one. I don't really think the fashion powers that be meant for us to do our makeup that way, in any case. I think they meant for us to look at the eyes, and then buy the bags, since the print eye was a mimic of the print on the bag. But as a makeup junkie, you know I like to look at everything in the context of makeup. And in the context of makeup, it just looks weird.

Maybe it just means that if I accidentally get mascara on my eyelid, I'll just claim that I'm on the cutting edge of beauty! Thanks Chanel, for saving me the 2mins I would otherwise spend wiping mascara off my eyelid.

I guess I kind of love it as an artistic endeavour, but hate it as an actual makeup look. What about the rest of you? Hate it or love it?


  1. This looks so ridiculous! I seriously question the motivation behind this. Do you think somewhere Chanel is having a laugh waiting to see what fashion nimrods will try and recreate this look?

  2. The bag is horrid. The make-up even worse. They're having a laugh.

  3. this is not my cup of tea, at all x

  4. It just looks like the worst mascara wand accident ever! Striking for a model but not really an everyday look for me x

  5. i even wondered if it was a joke ?

    the bag and the make up are ugly !!!


    ..oh no ok, i get it, it must be the Zombie collection for Halloween :D

  6. Really dislike the way they did it, but i like the idea behind it. I think it would have been way more successful had it matched the bag more...like if it were solid black in the lid and slightly above the crease, then the edge of the black was sort of stippled! just my 2 cents!

  7. as a performer, i absolutely love the look.

    clearly, this look has its place (i.e. magazines, the stage) and i can appreciate it for that. but will i wear this look on the street? definitely not! :p



  9. I really love the dark makeup but not liking the long lashes at all and they are so in right now but love the smokey eye

  10. Hmmmm ...it is interesting...

  11. i saw a video the other day. the makeup artist used a tooth brush applying eyeshadow paints. it's not that bad at all. i guess that's what fashion all about.

  12. i love chanel. i don't hate the bag, but i don't think i would want to buy it. as for the eyeshadow, eeee i guess as long as the person wearing it can pull it off, why not right? :D

    <3, Mimi

  13. that is definitely ugly. what a shame to spoil that bag (and the girl :P) it just looks like the bag is dirty. maybe it's just the way they did it. maybe if they sponged it more?

  14. I don't like it on the bag!!
    I do like it as eyeshadow, but only for the catwalk... I would never wear that to school or a club =)

  15. I'm the opposite, I think the makeup is cool but the bag is ugly as shit. I wouldn't want to spend that much on a bag that looks like it's ruined :(

  16. It's very Dramatic! I would try it in a fashion or maybe clubbing, It might be intresting!)


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