Glowy FOTD and Reveiw: Eyeko Extra Glow Cream

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Eyeko has just released a limited edition highlighter cream, called the Extra Glow Cream. This is distinct from their current cream highlighter (called Eyeko Cream) because it is a light pink cream with silver shimmer (instead of gold like most highighting creams), so it works better for cool-toned ladies.

Eyeko Glow Cream

The cream comes in a cute little pink plastic pot and it has a white lid (not shown in the photo below) inside the pot to prevent the product from leaking. It's a pretty huge pot, like around the size of a face cream, so you know you'll be getting your money's worth!

The cream itself has a slightly harder consistency, it's not runny or liquid, but more of a solid, along the lines of a cream blush as opposed to a face cream. I actually like the more solid consistency, it make it easier to pick up the right amount with a stippling brush.

Eyeko Extra Glow Cream

The colour itself is a very light beige-pink with fine silver shimmer in the pot, but when applied, the colour doesn't show very much, and just becomes an off-white silver shimmer. Unless you use copious amounts of this, the base colour isn't going to show up on you. And although Eyeko has marketed this to the cool-toned girls, I feel because the colour just ends up being off-white shimmer, I think warm-toned girls can wear this too, because you can't really tell the colour of the shimmer once it's applied. It just looks like a sheen on.

The swatch below shows the cream used in natural light, both blended out, and unblended:

Eyeko Extra Glow Cream

I actually quite like this cream. I tried it in outdoors light and in indoors light, and although I thought the shimmer particles were larger than I'd like, it actually wore very well, even indoors. You can see the shimmer indoors, but it's not too much. I think given the inexpensive price, this is actually worth the money - you won't get huge disco-ball glitter chunks on your cheeks, the shimmer is much finer than that. It's still not as fine as the really top-end brands (Becca and Smashbox come to mind for awesome shimmer products), but it works pretty well and is a LOT cheaper.

Here's an FOTD I did using the cream on my cheeks. I dedicded to pair it with Illamasqua's Sin blush (another one of those colours that looks scary in the pan but beautiful on), because it's a matte colour, and I thought it would showcase the blush colour and the highlighting effect of the shimmer nicely. It's taken in natural light, and like I said, it looked a lot more natural and subtle than I thought it would be.

Eyeko Extra Glow Cream

Here's a break down for the FOTD:

LORAC Persuasion
Covergirl Lashblast mascara
GOSH Velvet Touch Eyeliner in Metallic Brass (outer lower lashline)

MAC Studio Finish Concealer NC20 (undereye area only)
MAC Select Cover Up Concealer NC20 (spot application on face)
Agnes B Radiant Loose Face Powder Lumiere D'aurore mixed with some CS Silica Powder
Illamasqua Sin
Eyeko Extra Glow Cream (on cheeks, applied over Sin)

Lancome Juicy Tubes in Beach Plum

I've said before that I don't use foundation, just concealer and loose powder to set. I know a lot of girls don't feel confident wearing cream products over powder, but as this FOTD shows, it's perfectly possible (I'm wearing the Eyeko Cream over Illamasqua Sin, which is a powder blush, and my Agnes B face powder). The trick is to use a stippling brush, like the MAC 187 or 188. Here I'm using my Flirt Feather Dust-Her! brush. Using the brush, lightly stipple the cream product onto your face with light tapping or bouncing motions, and don't rub or drag the brush too much. With this technique, you don't disturb the layers of powder underneath (well, you do disturb them, but minimally). Hopefully this helps someone out there! :)

(This product was sent to me for review. I am not compensated by or affiliated with the company. This review represents my complete and honest opinion.)


  1. I love this fotd! So pretty. I also love the juicy tube on you :)

  2. You have been tagged:)

    Jay Anne

  3. this looks amazing. i love how it looks when it's blended:D

  4. Ohh you look amazing! You deffo do not need foundation at all hehe =P. You have great skin. I definitely prefer to use creamy highlighters than powder ones. i dont find any difference if i use a powder blush and a cream/liquid highlighter =P. XX

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  6. This looks very flattering on you! (it kind of scares me though, not sure I'd like it on myself)

  7. eyeko offered to let me try this cream but i guess they ran out of samples so asked me to buy it instead! LOL

    anyway, it's too bad that you don't wear foundation as i really want to know if this is good to be mixed with a liquid foundation. and how do you think its claim on being an eye cream? THANKS

  8. @Jojoba: LOL! That was hilarious! Hopefully that won't happen next time, they really shoudl plan better though! :X

    Anyway, I'm not sure how this cream will do when mixed with liquid foundation, because the texture is really closer to a solid than a liquid. If you turn the pot upside down, it won't flow out, it'll stay stuck in the pot. LOL. So I'm not too sure how 'mixable' it is, since it's not very liquid.

    As for it's use as an eye cream, I find it a bit dubious. When I did my FOTD, I used a stippling brush and picked up just a little bit of product to get the glowy look without it being too much. The shimmer bits in this one are still shimmer bits, and if you look closely in indoors light, you can see them sparkle, so a little goes a long way with this one. If you're using it as an eye cream, unless you use it sparingly, or put powder or something else on top of it, chances are you might end up with a bit too much shimmer on the undereye area.

    Hope this helps!

  9. Love this look, natural healthy glow :)
    Also love your lip colour.

    Is the amount of shimmer the only difference between the original Eyeko cream and this one?

  10. @PeachyPerfect: Honestly I've no idea, because I have never owned the original Eyeko cream. :X But based on what I have seen, it looks like in addition to the amount of shimmer, the colour of the shimmer (gold vs silver) may also be a difference. But I think it's kind of hard to tell, since both seem to look like a generically off-white glow once applied. I hope this is sufficient, and I'm sorry I can't be of more help!

  11. Sounds good! I hope its better than the original, since I remember Lipglossiping having problems using it :)

  12. you are a girl with glasses!! yayayay! you look super gorgeous!!

  13. this was a great post. love the look!


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