Chanel Paradoxal's Cheaper Little Sister: Asos Paints by Ciate Sienna

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Not all of us can afford to drop our hard-earned money on Chanel's new "must-have" shade, Paradoxal. While there aren't any dupes that I know of as of now, there are a couple of colours that are pretty close, especially in terms of base colour. If you're not exacting about finding a dupe, you can definitely find a similar colour at a lower price.

Today's "Get-The-Chanel-Paradoxal-Look-For-Cheap" shade is none other than Asos Paints by Ciate, in the shade Sienna. It's a creme, so it doesn't have any of that shimmer Paradoxal has, but the base shade is similar - it's one of those purply-grey taupey mushroomy colours that are so in fashion right now. These taupey mouse-y colours seem to be fast establishing themselves as the new neutral shades - I mean first there were greiges, then there was Chanel Particuliere and the like, and now there's this purply-grey shade. And that's all right by me, because I love them all.

But obviously you're not interested in my colour preferences. You wanted to see Sienna. So here it is under sunlight:

The ASOS Paints by Ciate range is sort of like the UK's version of Sephora by OPI. These polishes are exclusive to ASOS, have a different packaging from the usual Ciate polishes, and are sold jointly under the Ciate and Asos name.

As you can tell, Sienna is my favourite of the bunch. It's an awesome purply-grey-brown, that leans strongly on the purple and grey. I don't think there's much brown in this, if any at all. And it's a delicious creme. Photos cant seem to do it justice, because this one looks grey in some photos, and purple in others.

Here's another shot, this time indoors:

Asos paints by Ciate Sienna

These shots were two coats, but the polish is very opaque and pigmented and really only needed one coat. I did two because the first coat was uneven. These have a similar consistency to Eyeko polishes - a bit on the thick side, but very opaque - so if you prefer a thinner texture, a couple of drops of thinner will do the trick.

So, obviously Sienna isn't a dupe for Paradoxal, although I'd say the base colour is definitely close enough. It's a good choice if you want to spend less money (it retails for 6GBP and can be found on sale occasionally), or if you want a version of Paradoxal without the shimmer, or if you are one of those people on whom Chanel polishes seem to chip easily, and you want something that will last longer. But even without the Paradoxal comparisons, I do think Sienna is a colour worth owning in it's own right.


  1. this is absolutely gorgeous. do you know what i am going to say now. i need a comparison of this and the models inc dupe of paradoxale xx

  2. That is a very pretty colour but I am going to have a look out in Superdrugs to see if there are any colours like it or Paradoxal cause I am a cheap cheap skate like that!!

    Kitty x

  3. really lovely thanks for sharing this x

  4. Gorgeous!
    We seem to be into some of the same things. I just started my own blog, and I would really appreciate some suggestions or comments! I thank you in advance if you decide to check out my blog and give me some feedback.

  5. I have paradoxyl and the best part about it is the violet microshimmer, it is not just a cream, that is why it is worth $23

  6. I love this colour (so much, in fact, that as soon as I saw this post I was on the asos website:) )

  7. Athough nailpolish addicts claim this to be very different, I wore China Glaze Bogie this week and swatched Paradoxal at the counter so I could compare. Although Paradoxal is a bit less dark, it's definitely the same color family and they looked to close for me to own both. This ASOS one looks very pretty too!


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