Random POTD Holiday Pic: Eyeko Coral

Friday, June 25, 2010

Over the weekend, I was with some friends in Cornwall, UK, and it was fun. We were so fortunate that the weather was relatively warm, and that it didn't rain, so we got to take lots of pictures, eat awesome seafood, and play by the beach.

Of course, you guys probably know that I hate a tan and have this kooky Asian idea that the-fairer-your-skin-the-better, so of course I was suntanning Asian style (or more accurately, my style, since I don't even think my Asian friends do what I did). I was lying down on the beach, sunning myself, while covering myself with my jacket to prevent the UV rays from hitting me. LOL! I know I could have used a sunscreen, but on that day it so happened that I had only applied it on my face and not my arms and legs, hence the jacket. (Who am I kidding, even if I had applied sunscreen everywhere I would have still used the jacket. I'm weird like that.) I think everyone else on the beach thought I was a total nutcase, but I wanted to lie on the sand, feel the warmth and smell the sea - without the UV rays. I know, I'm too demanding even for Mother Nature. And somehow while sunning myself (under my jacket), I fell asleep with my head resting on my bag, and when I woke up I had bag-fabric prints on one side of my face. As you can tell, I'm the paradigm of effortless glamour, NOT.

Anyway, on to the more important question - what pedi was I wearing on my tootsies for the holiday? Unfortunately, it was the rather conventional beach colour choice of a coral, which I've already swatched on my fingers HERE. But, I just thought I'd show you guys a couple of pictures of it on my feet anyway.

Here we are, POTD (Pedi Of The Day) pictures! And now we all know I have duck feet:

Eyeko Coral Polish

Very summery and beachy, no? Anyway, application was good, and it was opaque in one coat, although I think I used two, simply to even it out. But if you're careful, one will do. Lasting power was a bit problematic though - by the end of the weekend, the polish had chipped off on one toe, which surprised me. I mean, polish on my toes normally doesn't chip until WEEKS later. Maybe I ran around bumping into too many rocks at the beach.

Anyway, apologies for this boring post. Being back from holiday means I have to catch up with my real life (yes I actually have a real life, LOL!) which in turn translates into less time to blog. I promise I'll post with something more interesting tomorrow. :)


  1. I have Eyeko Coral and it's great.
    Are those duck-feet? They're very cute. I waddle (so I've been told) so I must have those too!
    I also hate a tan. It looks frightfully common.

  2. Lol, I think you need to invest in a beach umbrella! You must have roasted under that jacket!

  3. Duck feet? You have adorable feet. This picture makes me feel so good. :)
    Oh you're not a nut. I also avoid sun. Today morning was extra sunny and warm. Everyone was in short and tee-shirt. But I was with my black hoodie. :D

  4. i love this post! not boring at all! i believe patagonia makes clothing with uv protection, sounds right up your alley!


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