Superdrug MUA Makeup Academy Lip Gloss Swatches

Sunday, June 20, 2010

So, months after the buzz about Superdrug launching its everything-is-£1 MUA Makeup Academy line, my local Superdrug has finally gotten in an MUA display stand. Or it could be that I didn't see it before. It's possible, but whatever the case, I finally managed to see the MUA line in person.

My feelings about this brand are mixed. I know everyone and their mum has been raving about this, but I didn't really find the eyeshadows or lipsticks or nail polishes that interesting colour-wise, and honestly, the eyeshadow testers were hardened on the top surface (probably due to the oils from the fingers of customers testing them out, but still...), and the lipsticks seemed a little dry (again, could be the testers drying out). I guess for a quid, you can't complain. But just as I thought I'd give the brand a pass, I saw their Lip Gloss. The MUA line actually has two types of lipgloss, both called Lip Gloss, the only difference being that one is in wand form and one is in tube form. I was drawn to the wand one, because the colours looked so pretty and interesting in the packaging.

They have five shades, numbered simply Shades 1 to 5. Shade 1 was a clear base with glitter, and Shade 5 was just a clear lipgloss, so I didn't bother to swatch either of them. But I did swatch Shades 2-4:

Shade 2 is a sheer neutral red with some shimmer (that doesn't show up in the photograph). It's a very sheer, wearable red gloss that I thought looked more interesting in the bottle.

Shade 3 is a sheer fuschia pink gloss. This one has no shimmer. Once again, it's also very sheer.

Shade 4 totally wowed me after the sheerness of Shades 2 and 3. It's a rose with warm gold shimmer. This is easily the winner of the lot, and very pigmented too!

These lipglosses actually reminded me a lot of the Revlon Super Lustrous lip glosses in terms of texture and smell and feel. If you liked the Super Lustrous glosses, you'll probably like these too. Shade 4 in particular is really pretty - I have this one, and I'll seriously need to get around to doing a proper lip swatch and review soon!


  1. Don't let the messed up testers fool you, the eyeshadows are really good. I agree with you though that the colour range is a bit basic, but they're most definitely worth the £1!

  2. I wish I could get my hands on those products, especially the eye shadows :)

  3. i agree! shade 3 is the definite winner. love that color.

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  4. This line is actually really great, don't go by the testers! In my experience, the darker colours of eyeshadow are great - lighter ones, not so much. Nail polishes are good, some tip wear but no chipping. Eye dusts really need a base to stay on your eye, but if you foil them/use primer, they are gorgeous.


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