Sleek Makeup Pout Polish Lemon Meringue: Swatch and Review

Monday, June 14, 2010

Sleek Makeup has launched two new Limited Edition colours of their Pout Polish. The permanent Pout Polish line, consisting of four colours, has been swatched before HERE, but the two new colours, Lemon Meringue (sheer yellow) and Raspberry Souffle, contain SPF15, unlike the perm shades, and are limited edition to boot.

Sleek has once again simultaneously stayed on-trend with their colour palette, while still producing something a little more wearable for the rest of us. Raspberry Souffle is the crowd pleaser, being a universally popular raspberry pink, while Lemon Meringue is the more edgy, on-trend colour, being yellow.

Here's a shot of Lemon Meringue in it's container. Like I said in my previous Pout Polish swatches, these come in pretty big jars for lipbalms:

Here's what the inside looks like, with a tube of carmex next to it just for a sense of size:

Sleek Pout Polish Lemon Meringue

And since I know you'll be curious to know what a yellow lipbalm would look like on, I've swatched it for you as well! I have to admit, I didn't really fancy the colour by itself. Although the gloss is sheer, it still has a yellow tinge. I've always been pretty conservative in terms of makeup colours (you know, no blue lipstick and bright pink face glitter for me) so I can't say I fancied the colour very much, it was just out of my stodgy ol' comfort zone. But I'm sure someone will like it more than I do.

Here's a swatch of my bare lips, for comparison purposes:

And here's my lips with the Lemon Meringue Pout Polish applied. As you can see, the yellow isn't opaque, since the balm is pretty sheer, but there is a tinge of yellow, especially from certain angles:

Sleek Lemon Meringue Pout Polish Swatch

Colour aside, though, I really liked this gloss. The texture was smooth and not tacky, yet not so watery that it feels slippery. It feels nicely emollient without being greasy or sticky, and it was quite moisturizing as well. The balm itself had a pleasant vanilla-ish sort of smell that dissipates upon application to the lips. I really liked the quality and the feel of the gloss, and I know I'd really love the Raspberry Souffle colour much more.

Anyway, because I knew some readers might be curious to know how Lemon Meringue would look when layered, I layered it over a blue-based lipstick to see how it would fare as a gloss to "warm up" the lip colour and make it look less cool-toned. I think it did pretty well in warming up the colour. Nifty, eh? It's like I managed to produce a totally different lip colour!

Sleek Pout Polish Lemon Meringue

While I personally wouldn't wear the Lemon Meringue colour alone, I think it would pretty useful when layered to change the colour and finish of other lip products, and might come in particularly handy when you have a lipstick that is too cool-toned, and you're trying to correct that. I also really liked the texture and feel of the balm, as well as how emollient it was. If you can find a colour you like in their range, and don't mind having your lip product in a pot, it's worth trying out.

This product was sent to me for review. I am not affiliated with the company. This review presents my honest and complete opinion.


  1. I love Sleek pout polishes, definately going to pick up the rasberry one not too sure about the yellow one tbh it looks a little odd on the lips =0/

  2. It does look a bit odd on its own, but very good for warming up a cool lipstick. I might pick this one up, a lot of reds pull blue on me.

  3. I wish they sold those here, the colour is a bit odd but still nice to have in your make-up collection :)

  4. looking like very moisturizing!!

  5. The gloss looks really cute :) I really like that it changes the colour of another lippie, makes it more versatile ~

  6. oh i've heard of sleek just recently. the Lemon Meringue sounds so yummy. i wish we have sleek here in the US

  7. I have no idea of this item since I live in the States and have never seen it...but you are a fabulous woman for posting such a close up of your lips. They are kissable! ;)

  8. What a brilliant idea! I think I would like to purchase this *specifically* to warm up a lot of my botched attempts at buying cool shades, thinking they'd work for me (even though I knew better). Thanks so much for this review--and for the great solution! I might be able to salvage some of my cool-toned lip colors after all! :)

  9. I like the weird yellow colour and yellow tinge :D In fact I just got a yellow gloss in the mail the other day!

  10. Very cool! I'd heard of this (can't remember from where) so it was great to see your review!


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