Collection 2000 Powder Blush Swatches

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

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Collection 2000 is a UK-based drugstore brand, and it's like the Wet n' Wild of the UK - it's probably the cheapest drugstore makeup in the UK. And like any line, their items consist of hits, misses and maybes. The last time I featured this brand, I swatched the Angelic and Poptastic Eye Palettes. Today I'm swatching their Powder Blushes.

There are only four colours, all of which are lightly pigmented:

Collection 2000 powder blush

L-R: So Pretty 01, Bashful 02, Breathless 03, Trouble 04

So Pretty is a light, light pink with shimmer.

Bashful is a pinky-peach with a bit of red, leaning warm. It looks darker in the pan than it applies.

Breathless is an orangey peach with gold shimmer.

Trouble is a pinky peach with shimmer. It's the requisite NARS Orgasm-like shade every brand seems to have nowadays, only a lot more sheer.

I was actually drawn to the blushes initially because of their really cute packaging - they're in small round pans with a swirly floral design etched onto them - but they're not my cup of tea. Like I said before, these are sheer, which can be a good or a bad thing depending on your preferences (for me, it's not that great). And they also have shimmer. In general the lighter colours are more sheer than the darker ones, but none of them are super pigmented - what you see is as much as I could build up. The colour range was also a little bit boring, but I suppose since the brand only has 4 shades, they had to cover their bases with all the basic colours. If you like sheer blushes with shimmer, this would probably suit you better. I think it's just alright - it's clearly not the brand's standout product. I think that in general for Collection 2000, their powder products aren't their forte, but some of items previously swatched, such as their glitter and metallic eyeliners, were much better.

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