Glitter Summer Eye: Collection 2000 Glam Crystals Dazzling Gel Liner Swatches

Sunday, June 6, 2010

If you are unafraid of glitter, then glitter eyeliner will probably be one of your staples during summer. Glitter eyeliner is a good way to jazz up an otherwise neutral face. While I myself personally am glitter averse (I'm eternally worried that the glitter bits will irritate my eyes), it seems to look good on others. And since glitter seems to be synonymous with summer, I figure why not swatch them for you guys?

Today's glitter eyeliners are the Collection 2000 Glam Crystals Dazzling Gel Liner. These are basically bits of glitter suspended in an almost-clear gel base. Because of this, they are perfect for layering over non-glitter eyeliner to give a little bit of bling to your look.

Collection 2000 Glam Crystals Dazzling Gel Liner

L-R: Glitz 1, Funk 3, Hustle 4, Le Freak 5, Night Fever 6, Dancing Queen 8, Retro Chic 9, Shake It Up! 11, Spandex 12

Glitz 1 is a silver glitter suspended in a clear base. This one had one of the denser glitters of the entire range.

Funk 3 is a yellow gold glitter in a clear base. As you can see, this one had less dense glitter than Glitz. This colour is pretty cool though. It's more yellow gold and not orange gold.

Hustle 4 is super super cool. Have you heard of OPI's polish Mad as a Hatter? It was a totally cool bottle of polish, consisting of multicoloured glitter in the bottle, and it looks kind of purple-silver-black on. Well, Hustle is like the eyeliner version of Mad as a Hatter. The swatch doesn't do it justice at all. It looks like a silver, but it's a lot more multi-dimensional than that. Sometimes it looks purple, sometimes silver, sometimes black-ish. It's a beauty.

Le Freak 5 is a turquoise aqua glitter in sheer turqoise gel.

Night Fever 6 is a colbalt blue glitter in a clear gel.

Dancing Queen 8 is a rosy red glitter in a clear gel.

Retro Chic 9 is a gold glitter in a clear gel, but this one is more orange than Funk.

Shake It Up! 11 is a blurple (a mix between blue and purple) in a matching blurple gel base. This one is also pretty cool. It's more purple than Night Fever for sure, and it's a very pretty stunning colour.

Spandex 12 is a yellow green glitter in a clear gel. On closer inspection this one has two kinds of glitter, green and yellow. Or is it my eyes playing tricks on me? It's hard to tell.

So what do you guys think? Is glitter eyeliner cool, or is it a no-no for you?


  1. I do have some and I've never had any problems with bits in the eye. Urban Decay and Hard Candy. These do look very bright!

  2. These are gorgeous. Of course they are UK only though :( If you end up not liking them (especially Hustle) I will buy 'em from you. I'm a total sucker for glitter!

  3. Great swatches! I don't own any glitter liners, but I sure would wear them out. These are gorgeous colors!

  4. I have a couple of these and they're amazing! I really should pick up more. They're so long lasting, and so much glitter is in them. xx

  5. haha you hit the spot. i LOVE color and glitters!

  6. Hustle 4!!! Love that one. Night Fever 5 and Le Freak 6 are cool, too.

  7. Omg <3 Le Freak and Shake It Up.

    I'm a bit wary of glitter now :( last time I tried to do a glitter look some of it must have gotten where it shouldn't be and my lower lashline got puffy and my eye felt dry. But as soon as I took off my makeup the swelling went down (like within half an hour) and it was fine =S I guess I should just be more careful and not throw it everywhere haha

  8. Hi! Does anyone know where I can buy this online? I live in Australia and it's pretty hard to find. Thank you x.

  9. Hi! Does anyone know where I can buy this online? I live in Australia and it's pretty hard to find. Thanks x.

    1. @sndylam: Please see my reply to Anonymous below, who is also from Australia :)

  10. I wanna buy em!!! Can anyone tell me the price of these glitter eyeliner? and are they liquid glitter eyeliner or pencils ? I live in melbourne,australia. I Also want to know where i can buy this ?

    1. @Anonymous: They seem to be available mainly in the UK, and possibly the US. I saw these eyeliners being sold on their online website (, not sure if they ship to Australia, but it's worth checking out. They are GBP 2.99 each. Also, these are liquid eyeliners in a tube with a brush. Hope thus helps!

  11. Where in the USA can you buy there awesome glitter liners????


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