NOTD: Barry M Mushroom: I haz it!

Friday, June 4, 2010

Today's NOTD is Barry M Mushroom, and I have it thanks to Jellyminx, who writes the blog Jellyminx Thinks. Remember how a few posts back HERE I was whining about how I couldn't find it? Jellyminx had one, and she offered to send it to me! She's like the nicest person ever!

So anyway, here is Barry M Mushroom. I know some people will be wondering if this is a dupe for Chanel Particuliere. Unfortunately I don't have any comparison swatches, but by sheer fortune I was able to compare to my friend, who was wearing Particuliere on the exact same day I was wearing Mushroom. By comparing our fingers, we were able to do a quick visual comparison, and while I don't have photos, I can say that it isn't a dupe, although it is a similar shade. Mushroom is a tad darker than Particuliere, but otherwise they're both close, being brown-grey based shades with comparatively little purple (as compared to other mushroom shades).

Anyway, here is the NOTD:

And here's another picture of my crabby-looking hands with the bottle:

Barry M Mushroom Nail Paint

Gorgeous isn't it? How do you guys like this taupe trend? Still hot, or dying out?


  1. Hmmmm different, not overly sure if I like it though.

  2. I quite like it. I like that kind of muddy looking polish!

    Fee x

  3. ive passed this many times and always walked away from it! It looks so pretty! I will deffo have to pick this up looks amazing on you! xx


  4. I have this too. I like it but it's nothing special. I'd say these shades do have a way to go. They can be tweaked with a bit of glitter, iridescence, metallic-y.

  5. I have way too many of these mushroomy taupe shades and yet I still WANT this! Argh! How was the application?

  6. @jaljen: I actually DO have a shimmery mushroom colour:D

    @ellebathandbeyond: I can't believe I didn't mention application at all! What a doofus I am. Application was really good on this one. Some Barry M's are a tad patchy but this one was great! :)

  7. Loved the colour. :)

    Kisses from Portugal,

  8. Thank you :) You have a nice blog too.
    That colour seems to be a good dupe for Chanel Particulière.

  9. I love it...and I actually have it! =D

  10. I like! think it works well with my wardrobe! lovely post!

  11. I'm a sucker for these shades, but always think they'd look strange against my yellow toned skin :/

  12. i don't have any barry m polishes but this is really cute. i like a shade like this.


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