Summer Cheek Stains: Mememe Poppy and Pussy Cat Tints Swatches

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Legend has it that Benetint, the first rose-coloured stain on the market, was created by the founders of Benefit at the request of a female entertainer to stain a specific part of her body a nice rosy pink (sorry I can't be more direct guys, this blog is rated G, LOL). Since then, lookalike products have blossomed, and Benetint isn't unique anymore. Nevertheless, regardless of brand, stains seem to be more favoured in summer, presumably because they stay on after all other makeup has melted off.

One of the rumoured dupes of Benefit's Benetint and Posietint are the Mememe Pussy Cat Tint, and the Mememe Poppy Tint respectively. Now I wasn't able to swatch Benetint and Posietint beside Pussy Cat and Poppy, so I can't confirm any of the assertions, but they do look to be pretty close. The packaging is also very similar - they come in those oversized glass bottles with a nail polish-like brush, just like Benefit and Posietint. I'd personally prefer a packaging change to a squeeze tube or a pump bottle, so that it would be easier to handle. But hey,I guess if you're trying to copy the product, why not copy the packaging?

Poppy Tint is a sweet pastel magenta pink, while Pussy Cat Tint is a deep but clear rose red.

I personally like both colours, and I swatched them sheered out to show how they might look when actually worn, and also when built up, so you can get a clearer glimpse of texture. The Poppy Tint has a little more of a gel like texture than the Pussy Cat Tint - as you can see, the dollop of Poppy Tint stays where it is, but the dollop of Pussy Cat Tint is spreading out even as I took the photo. But I guess given that the Pussy Cat Tint is a clear transparent liquid, while the Poppy Tint was an opaque liquid, there would be some difference in texture. Both were easily layered for greater colour intensity, and they seemed to do fine in terms of being blendable while swatching.

I walked around with these for awhile to let them "set", and then I tried to remove them with rubbing and water, and I'm pleased to say they both held up relatively well. They held up better to rubbing than to water, but that's perhaps to be expected. I like that they are pretty much rub-proof once you let them absorb, so they won't come off onto clothes. These are probably good alternatives to anyone who wants a Benetint or Posietint dupe - they are similar, but much cheaper.


  1. I am SO getting them. I'm almost out of Benetint, and its far too expensive to keep buying it. A friend told me about these but I didn't think they'd be that great, seems I've been proved wrong! Superdrug here I come.

  2. Love it.

    Kisses from Portugal,

  3. Poppy Tint is such a pretty color. :3 Your so lucky to have such wonderful brands available in your country. ;)

  4. Wow, I never knew that! lol, pretty interesting stuff. Ironically, Pussy Cat Tint is my fave of the colors! LMAO. Seriously, they are all really pretty though. Cool post!

  5. I love that story...wish you weren't rated G. lol I've thought about those but have ended up with Tarte cheek stains (I do only want to stain my facial cheeks and the packaging is more appropriate for that) I really do like them better than any other product out there.

  6. I'm scared of tints in case I can't get them off!

  7. the poppy tint looks better to me. but the pussy cat is more interesting

  8. Uh, just so you know, some of the first lip/cheek tints were actually made in Asia.


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