Gold and Brown Autumn Leaves Konad

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Since we're leaving the summer season, I figure I might as well start getting my Fall on. Thus, this konad of autumn leaves! Seriously, it's been a looong time since I last konaded, so I was all like, "OMG I hope I still haz my konading skillz" when I did this. Fortunately it wasn't too bad at all, considering the last time I konaded was this holographic zebra stripes konad with GOSH Holographic, a few month's back.

For the base I used Nails Inc Belgravia. It's a nice brown shade with the slightest shimmer, and very chic and understated. You gotta love browns like these - some browns look like crap on me (pun totally intended), but this one doesn't. Look ma, no poopy hands! Just a very classic shade. I think I did have a previous NOTD up on my blog from waaay back when, and I loved it then and still love it now, so I guess it has stood the test of time.

autumn leaf konad 1

For the leaves I used Orly Luxe and the konad plate I used was M77. It isn't strictly a falling-leaves kind of design (in fact, it kinda looks like palm leaves? more than anything else), I know, but I felt like when paired with the colour scheme, it worked for me.

I don't know about you, but a mani like this just makes me want to sing, "The falling leeaavessss, Drift by my windooooowww"! Wait, some of you don't know the song? Aw shucks...I can't be that old now, can I? *Crickets chirp*

autumn leaf konad 2

Okay. Anyway, I guess I'd better end this post before I make myself sound any older than I already am. While this look doesn't really break any major boundaries, I still feel like its something I could wear for a discreet konad, since it's not too flashy.


  1. OH very pretty. I love Konad designs especially since I am still a newbie at it and I need more and more ideas on designs to do with it. I am going to copy some of your imagination and creativity. Of course I will name your blog as the source. I even have this plate!

  2. Oh nice! Love the little leaves. You are so good at nails.


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