A Tale of Two Products: Neutrogena Deep Clean Revitalising PinkGrapefruit Ultra Foam Cleanser and Vaseline UV Whitening Body Lotion

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Today, I have not one, but two skincare products to review for you! Yay!

The first product I have to review is the Neutrogena Deep Clean Revitalising Pink Grapefruit Ultra Foam Cleanser. Foam cleansers are such a trend nowadays. It all started with the Biore Marshmallow Whip Facial Wash, then other brands quickly followed suit. The next thing you know, it's like foaming cleanser this, foaming cleanser that...you get the idea. Anyway, let's try the Neutrogena version and see how it stacks up.

The first thing I noticed when I pumped out the cleanser from the bottle was the smell. I mean, I'm not really one to comment much on fragrance in my skincare or makeup products, but man, this totally hit me in that "KAPOW!!!" way I thought only existed in comic strips. The smell is very strong, and it smells like those scented dish soap I use to clean my plates and bowls! Sheesh Neutrogena, I know you're going for zesty grapefruit, but really, there's no need. My olfactory capabilities are all intact, thanks. You smell like a 13-year-old trying on perfume for the first time!

Neutrogena Deep Clean Revitalising Pink Grapefruit Ultra Foam Cleanser pump

Anyway, scent aside, I actually didn't mind this product. It foams decently out of the pump, although the foam isn't as fine or as dense as the Biore version. The bubbles in the foam are larger. But it works. It cleans my skin and doesn't leave it feeling dry or tight. I would use this.

Next, we have the Vaseline UV Whitening Body Lotion. This, as the name implies, caters to the masses of girls out there who want fairer skin. It claims to contain Vitamin B3 to help whiten your skin.

Vaseline UV Whitening Body Lotion bottle

I have to admit, I haven't used this long enough to comment on the whitening effect, but it's great as a moisturizer. I'm a longtime fan of Vaseline moisturizers, so this is right up my alley. I'm not gonna complain!

Vaseline UV Whitening Body Lotion

Anyway, there you go, your fellow skincare-usin', makeup-applyin', product-cravin' friendly blogger is working overtime to bring you two(!) new reviews in one day. If any of these products sounds like something you would use, do check them out - they're cheap, cheery, and they work.

(Product was hsent for review. Review is my complete and honest opinion. I am not affiliated with/compensated by the company.)


  1. Hi! I really love your blog! I'm a very very tan Asian, LOL, and I hate it! I was wondering, did the Vaseline UV Whitening Body Lotion actually work? I've been searching for a long time, and nothing really seems to be working...Do you have any other whitening products you would recommened? Plez reply back! :)

    1. @Dreamer: I don't think I experienced any noticeable whitening, unfortunately!


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