Kissme Heavy Rotation Milky Matte Lips Swatches

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Kissme is a Japanese drugstore brand, found in drugstores here locally for relatively reasonable prices. The Kissme Heavy Rotation Milky Matte Lips (what a mouthful of a product name) are a bunch of pale nude lip colours with a very pronounced matte finish, not unlike the NARS Pure Matte Lipsticks released sometime back. The difference is, these are all in light shades, whereas NARS had theirs in a wider range of colours.

There are four shades in all. 01 Pure Pink is a very pale nude pink; 02 Vanilla Pink is more like pale peach with hint of pink; 03 Sweet Pink is a pinky peach, and is pale but not as "nude lips"-like as 1 and 2; and 04 Cinnamon Pink is the darkest, also a little bit leaning towards orange. I'd call it a peach with hint of cinnamon.

All the colours are very pale, nude lip (or corpse-lip, depending on your skintone) type of concealer-ish colours. They have a very heavy matte texture and are a tad drying. I recall some bloggers/makeup artists using actual concealer on lips for that extreme nude lip effect, I imagine this is probably similar (except that it might not taste as bad as concealer).


  1. Wow, Cinnamon Pink is gorgeous. The other colors are really pretty but on me - it'd definitely be the concealer effect, which is none too flattering on me. Still it's really cool that a drugstore brand is coming out with colors like these. I feel like in the US, drugstore brands generally tend to usually release less modern shades than a lot of higher end brands do.

  2. I have never heard of this brand but I am interested in trying it out. I so love the colors especially the vanilla pink.


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