Ginvera Green Tea Marvel Gel: Exfoliation Made Fun

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Ginvera's flagship product, the Green Tea Marvel Gel, has been making waves in Asia for awhile now. And finally, it's coming to the West! First stop, UK, courtesy of Janirio, the distributor for Ginvera in the UK!

Since a much beloved Asian product is slowly entering Western markets, I thought it's high time I reviewed it! Honestly I've been meaning to do this for awhile, I just haven't got around to doing it!

The Ginvera Green Tea Marvel Gel is a green, clear gel. It's kinda odd looking at first (how many skincare products do you know that are green in colour?), but it works much like any other exfoliating gel: you take some of the gel, massage it around your skin, and watch the product ball up and take little bits of skin with it.

ginvera green tea marvel gel

You see that? Those white balls are a combination of balled up product and skin. Actually, the product works using AHA (alpha hydroxyl acid), that helps to slough off the dead skin. It's a mainstay in many a skincare product, but there's definitely an element of novelty in seeing those white balls come off with the Marvel Gel. You then rinse it off with water, and you're done!

ginvera green tea marvel gel after

Anyway, what I like about the Ginvera Marvel Gel as compared to other similar products is that it doesn't leave as much residue on your skin. Some brands leave behind this strange residue that's almost plastic-y (must be bad formulation using too much carbomer to thicken the product to gel form), but this doesn't. So that's a good thing.

ginvera green tea marvel gel box

If you're in Asia, you'll already know where to get this from. If you're in the UK, you can get it at Janirio, for £22.00 (including P&P). The Ginvera UK facebook page is also run by them.

(Product was sent for review. Review is my complete and honest opinion. I am not affiliated with/compensated by the company.)


  1. 22 quids?! I'm from Singapore and that's just insane and, dare I say it, exorbitant, considering that we get it for just a little more then ten here. :(

    1. @AB: It is more expensive than us buying in Singapore. Then again, Ginvera is a Singapore brand, so it should be cheaper here! It does seem to be a trend in general though, that once you bring a brand overseas it gets more expensive! (Like the US brands sold here have bad markups, and so do the UK brands...and not just for makeup, clothes and accessories too!) I guess it's the cost of setting up offices overseas and having to do all that shipping and customs clearance that jacks up the prices! :(

  2. thanks for sharing.

  3. Get it much cheaper at Mustafa for $19.90 for 2 60ml tubes!!!!


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