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Monday, August 22, 2011

I'm so utterly excited for Sleek Makeup's new Pout Paints - after all, what's not to like about super-pigmented cream lip colours that you can mix and match to create your own shade? This is probably the first time I've seen such a concept brought to the drugstore on such a huge scale. OCC (Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics) had their Lip Tars, but I don't think they were so readily available, and were positioned more as an artistry item. Now, it looks like any girl can mix up your own shade!

Sleek Makeup has released 11 shades in all, so the five I have right now is just slightly half than less of their shade range. But just imagine the possibilities that you can create with these five shades! I'm drooling all over my keyboard just thinking about it.

Sleek Pout Polish 1

The Pout Paints come in a range of colours, some that you can wear on your own, and some that are meant more for mixing (e.g. blue and white) to adjust your colour to that exact shade of purple-leaning greyed pink. Let's take a closer look at the shades.

Sleek Pout Polish 2

L - R: Peachy Keen 156, Pin Up 157, Peek-a-bloo 163, Mauve Over 154, Cloud 9 153

I find that out of the shades I have, I tend to use Pin Up and Peachy Keen quite a bit. Peek-a-bloo is useful when a shade leans too warm or yellow for your liking, and you want to make it more blue-based. I find I use Cloud 9 most when a shade is too dark for my liking, and I want to make it a tad lighter.

Just a word of caution, though - a little goes a very, very long way with these. When I want to colour correct a shade, or mix a shade, I'm literally adding the colour from the tube in drop by miniscule drop. I guess that's why the Pout Polishes come with very fine-tipped nozzles at the end:

Sleek Pout Polish Tip

See that? Sleek probably knew that clumsy girls like me would be squirting out way too much colour at one go if they didn't make the openings so small, LOL. The tubes are tiny - for sure, each tube of Pout Polish is smaller than your average-sized lipgloss (8ml per tube, if you want to know), but I kind of think that I could probably mix up at least a few months' worth of shades with the five tubes of Pout Polishes that I have.

Anyway, enough of my over-excited blathering. Here are swatches. These things are madly pigmented. Did I say they were madly pigmented? Usually when I swatch stuff I like to pile a whole lot onto my arm, just so the colour is captured in photographs, but I literally used a tiny smidgen when doing these swatches.

Sleek Pout Polish Swatches

Peachy Keen 156 is a peachy orange shade. Not bright orange, but pale orange. I find this very useful for warming up a shade, or making it more coral.
Pin Up 157 is a true fire-engine, Hollywood-starlet, telephone-box kind of red. I really like this, and I'd totally wear it alone.
Peek-a-bloo 163 is a blue that to my eye looks like it has a smidgen of green in it. I find this most useful when making lip colours more cool-toned (blue-based). It's more blue than in the photo - for some reason, this seemed to appear really green in photographs.
Mauve Over 154 is a magenta purple that is quite useful if you're trying to add a dimension of plumminess to a shade.
Cloud 9 153 is white. For some reason (not sure if I got a bad tube) this is a tad sheerer than the other shades. I use it mainly to make a shade lighter.

In addition to using just a tiny, tiny bit, I've also found it helpful to thin out my colour creations with some clear gloss at the end. If you find the Pout Paint mixture you've created stunning in terms of colour, but a little bit too thick for actual application, this tip may help! I've found that I can easily add in clear gloss to my lip shade in a 1:1 ratio, and I still get an opaque-in-one-coat lip colour. I also like to add in glitter this way :)

Here are some of the shades I've whipped up using the five Pout Polishes I have:

Sleek Pout Polish Creations

I know the third shade in the row kinda looks like Mauve Over, but I swear it's different in real life! I'll be posting more on how I created each individual shade in a series of posts, because there's just too many photos and too much information to be dumping them all into one post! I really love some of the colours I've created, and I can't wait to share them with you.

I'm thoroughly impressed by the Pout Paints - they're super pigmented, there's a wide enough range of colours for you to create a variety of shades - really, what's not to like? Perhaps the only negative I can think of is that the texture does tend to be on the thick side, so I prefer to thin out my own creations with clear gloss. But if you're at all interested in mixing your own lip colour, these would be a great place to start!

(Product was sent for review. Review is my complete and honest opinion. I am not affiliated with/compensated by the company.)


  1. i need mauve over and peachy keen, so pretty

  2. Very pretty, but too much mixing required!

  3. I love the mixtures you created! They're gorgeous!

  4. i need peachy keen! I got pin up, peek-a-bloo and cloud 9 and theyre not bad but peachy keen is soo needed for my kit! x

  5. almost like OCC :) Nice thing :)

  6. these babies are just everywhere on blogsphere! have you tried the pout paint in minx? I loove the shade <3

  7. Oh my gah!! Those looks amazing! I love them all. <3

  8. I love the second and third combos you made. Buy 5 shades and you end up with endless shades. Makes it worth the price tag and a must-have for those who are not lazy to mix colors. :)

  9. I keep finding out that there's more shades to this and thus I keep crossing colors off my OCC list and writing them onto my "eventual sleek order" list. Love them!

  10. wow, what a quality post! love the shades you created and your photos are so amazing, as usual! xx

  11. These look really interesting to play with. Really like 2, 3, and 4 that you've created.

    Also, I wanted to let you know that I nominated you for an award. I don't know if you participate in these, but I do enjoy your blog a lot. I'm sorry if this tag seems offensive.

  12. i love the forth combo you made, its really a natural and fresh color =] thanks for this posT!

  13. Peachy keen looks awesome but are they very drying? xx

  14. Peachy keen looks awesome, but are they very drying? xx

  15. where can i get those?!??! it's awesome!!!

  16. You can get all these shades with just these four, it's amazing!


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