Sleek Oh So Special Palette Swatches

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Sleek Makeup has come out with another smasher for summer - the Oh So Special Palette! Unlike the Sleek Curacao Palette, which was all brights and sunshine, this palette is a little bit more demure and feminine - basically, the perfect summer palette for the girly girl!

The box comes decorated with girly swirls and floral print - very pretty and classy, methinks! I really like the colours in the lines, and I kind of wish that the colours in the lines were in the palette too - maybe a purple or a green? :)

sleek oh so special palette 1

The Oh So Special Palette comes with a clear plastic overlay with individual shade names for each of the colours, just like the Curacao Palette. This is a little different from their normal palettes, which don't have individual shade names. The names all have connotations of gift giving for a special occasion, perhaps as a guy might do for the special girl in his life - Gift Basket, Bow, Ribbon, Boxed, Wrapped Up, and so on. Love it!

sleek oh so special palette 2

First Row: Bow (matte light beige), Organza (shimmery peach with a hint of pink), Ribbon (matte light peach), Gift Basket (shimmery light warm brown), Glitz (dark shimmery grey), Celebrate (shimmery deep purple)

Second Row: Pamper (light matte pastel peach), Gateau (light shimmery pink gold shimmer), The Mail (light matte mustard yellow), Boxed (matte warm ecru brown), Wrapped Up (matte deep purple), Noir (matte soft black).

Here is a shot of the palette without the individual colour names. I really love Celebrate and Gateau. Those shades are just so gorgeous!

sleek oh so special palette 3

And of course, here are swatches of the Oh So Special Palette! All of the shades have great pigmentation - the only shades that are a little weaker in pigmmentation are Bow and Ribbon. The rest of the shades are very nicely pigmented, and soft in texture, just like most of Sleek Makeup's previous palettes.

sleek oh so special palette swatches

If you've loved Sleek Makeup's previous palettes, and if you like warm, girly shades like peaches, pinks and browns, then this palette is just for you! The Oh So Special Palette is great for those girly looks with a hint of summer. I'll be putting up a few looks using this palette, and I can't wait to use these shades!

(Product was sent for review. Review is my complete and honest opinion. I am not affiliated with/compensated by the company.)


  1. this is very pretty, and not too bright!

  2. thank you so much for swatching these!! :-)

  3. Every swatch I see of these palettes is so tempting!

  4. I want this palette. I wish there was somewhere in the states to get it

  5. I really want this palette. I wish there was some place in the States to get this

  6. @Monique Jones: The Sleek Makeup website ships internationally! Hope this helps!

  7. Wow! Love the colour palette!
    We want to follow you for more beauty tips!
    If you want, you can follow us at

    We're a new independent label who have just started our new blog! x

  8. I just ordered this palette! The swatches have me salivating already

  9. They're beautiful colors but I just can't figure out how i'd use them! Maybe your looks will inspire me -w-;

  10. The colors are gorgeous!


  11. this palette is the prettiest of another that I saw in your blog! I love the swatch!!! xoxo

  12. This is so pretty! I've been wanting this for a while! :) Only thing is, bow is more of an ecru colour than boxed, which to me looks like a brown colour. Just putting that out there haha.


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