Peach/Purple Eye Look: Sleek Oh So Special Palette

Saturday, August 13, 2011

What's not to like when you contrast colours? Sometimes, the most contrasting colours can actually end up looking pretty darn good - and not to mention wearable - in real life. I actually started out intending this eye look to be a contrast of two colours from the Sleek Oh So Special Palette - one warm, and one cool, but in the end, it actually looks more like a nice neutral eye look. What do you know!

Here are the shades I used from the Oh So Special Palette. I used Bow, a matte light beige shade, Organza, a warm brown-peach with shimmer, and Celebrate, a deep shimmery purple.

sleek oh so special palette peach purple eye look

As you may guess from the selection of the colours, I intended to contrast Organza, a warm colour with a base of peach, with Celebrate, which struck me as more of a deep jewel-toned purple leaning slightly cool. Looks like Celebrate turned out to be more neutral than I thought! I used Bow on my brownbone as the highlight shade, Organza on the lid, and Celebrate on the contour area.

peach purple eye look 2

Although the entire look turned out more harmoniously and less clashing than I thought it would, that isn't a bad thing. In particular, both Organza and Celebrate turn out to be a little more complex on the eye than in the pan. For some reason, although Organza looks more like a rusty peach in the pan, on my eye it takes on a bronze-ish kind of tint. Also, Celebrate likes to baffle my eyes. One moment I think its a deep browned purple, and the next I feel like it's more of a deep purpled brown. Right now, I've settled on browned purple, but you know, I might just change my mind again.

I feel it's the complexity in both shades that gives them each more dimension, and kind of pulls the entire look together better than I thought. Or the dimension in each shade could be due to the shimmer. Or it could just be my weird skintone that's pulling out all the ambiguities in each shade. I don't really have anyway of knowing which is which, really, or whether its a combination of factors. I guess that's why sometimes you really won't know how a shade will look on you until you try it on! (And if you've ever done any foundation shopping, I'm sure you'll know what I mean.)

peach purple eye look 3

All in all, I'm really pleased with my Oh So Special Palette. Although I was initially more buzzed about the Curacao Palette than the Oh So Special Palette, simply because the former was brighter, I'm starting to see that the Oh So Special Palette definitely has some tricks up its sleeve as well. With some surprisingly complex shades, and a versatile shade range enough to cover both everyday as well as dramatic looks, I feel like the Oh So Special Palette is one of the more underrated palettes Sleek Makeup has put out lately. What can I say - never underestimate the power of good neutral shades!

(Product was sent for review. Review is my complete and honest opinion. I am not affiliated with/compensated by the company.)


  1. this combo is great! You're really giving me some great ideas!!

  2. Really love the combo shades you used for this. This looks so perfect for a fall time look with this plummy shades. I got to get these sleek palettes in the future. Too bad I miss the free shipping opportunity recently. =(

  3. looks really good on u :) what did the rest of the face look like?

    BreezeyBee Blog

  4. Sorry, but this looks like a bruised eye. The plum color just isn't flattering to you. i think if you chose another color other than plum it would work for you. Just my opinion.

  5. how pretty! i may have to do a peach and plum look tomorrow, digging how this came out :D

    Vonnie of

  6. Peach and purple is actually one of my favourite combinations :)
    An absolutely beautiful look, hon!

  7. simple and nice look

  8. this is a really nice combo, thanks for sharing the idea!

  9. I like the combination of peach and purple on you~ You've made it work really nice together =)

  10. Gorgeous! You are so talented :) xxx

  11. I got the palettes and I'm so excited to try out the looks you've created! This one is just lovely.

  12. lovely makeup :))


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