Biotherm Skinergetic: Anti-Oxidants for Tired Skin: First Look

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

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Biotherm is one of those companies that doesn't get much buzz, but does have solid products - I myself am a huge user of their Aqua Source moisturizer. And almost as though the company has read my mind for liking their moisturizers, they magically release another one!

The newest release is Skinergetic, as as the name suggests, it's meant to reduce signs of tired skin, making your skin look more alive and, well, energetic. This product features various plant-based ingredients, including the very unlikely broccoli. Skinergetic comes in a green bottle, and has a capsule of broccoli powder that is mixed in with the lotion upon opening. The idea is that the anti-oxidant power of the active ingredient, broccoli in this case, is kept as fresh as possible until the consumer wishes to use it. Pretty nifty, huh? The only catch is that you have to use the product within 3 months, or the efficacy of the active ingredient decreases.

biotherm skinergetic bottle

Here's a look at the capsule of broccoli, and how it looks when first mixed into the product. You see that yellow-brown powder floating on top of the lotion? Yeah, that's the powder. After dispensing the powder into the moisturizer, you then mix it in. There isn't any change to the moisturizer once the powder has been mixed in; it just remains a white lotion.

biotherm skinergetic powder

The product is applied with a dropper, which I quite like, as it's a little bit more hygenic than sticking your fingers in a tub. The recommended usage is to place two drops on your palm, emulsify the drops on your hand, and then apply them in an upward and outward motion on your face. The lotion can also be applied to the neck too, in a downward motion. There are also some massage steps that went with this.

The Skinergetic moisturizer itself is a white, light-textured lotion, that smells very sweet. It kind of reminds me of apples and lemons (fortunately it doesn't smell like broccoli). I was told that the smell was actually re-formulated and toned down for the Asian market. Apparently the European version has a stronger fragrance. The lotion absorbs pretty easily, and doesn't leave behind a sticky residue.

biotherm skinergetic dropper

Because it is generally meant as a moisturizer with anti-oxidation properties, any woman of any age would be able to use it. At the event, we were actually shown this pretty darn cool video of two apple halves oxidizing. Basically, the apple half that had Skinergetic applied to it browned much more slowly than the half that didn't, a testament to it's anti-oxidizing powers. We were told that we could try this with the lotion on our own apple halves at home - I haven't gotten around to doing it yet, but boy, am I itching to try that out now!

Biotherm Skinergetic launches in Singapore on 25th August, and is priced at S$99 for a 50ml bottle which is meant to last for three months. For the first month, if you buy one Skinergetic mask hyou get one Source Therapie mask for free, making this a pretty good deal if you like the mask. I think this would probably be best for girls who are looking for a light moisturizer that is easily absorbed. I'll definitely be updating the blog with my thoughts as I use this product more!

(Product and information provided at an event. Any views held are my complete and honest opinion. I am not affiliated with/compensated by the company.)


  1. I am a firm believer in anti-oxidants! Thanks for the review.


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