MUA Nail Quake Shatter Polish Swatches: Quiver, Shiver, Shockwaves

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Shatter polish now comes in colour - and without the exorbitant price tag, or the crap-it's-only-available-in-the-USA headache! Superdrug MUA has now launched six (yes, six!) awesome shades of Nail Quakes, and I'm absolutely shattered (I know, so lame)! The first three, which I showcased yesterday, were great polishes, but the colours were largely already available on the market (black and silver shatter? Been there, done that). So this batch is definitely much more interesting to me - all colours, and not a single boring shade in sight!

The shades here are all cream finish - no foils (like the silver shatter polish) or interesting finishes. But they definitely bring in some colour to your nails - on the cheap, too! These come in Shiver, a peach-coral shade, Shockwaves, a red shade, and Quiver, a cobalt blue. All the names are earthquake theme - I guess that's why they're called Nail Quakes!

mua nail quake shatter polish 1

L - R: Shiver, Shockwaves, Quiver

I'm sure you don't want me blathering on about how awesome these shades are, so without further ado, here are swatches of the Nail Quakes!

First up we have Shiver. This is a coral-looking peach in the bottle, but on my finger it looks a bit more pinky-peach. It was the hardest of the lot to apply - for some reason it didn't seem to want to cooperate with the polish underneath. Perhaps it was because I was using one of the China Glaze Khromes, which can be tricky to layer with (if you've tried konading on top of them, you'll know what I mean). Still, it went on nice and thin, instead of thick and goopy like most shatter polishes, so I'm not complaining.

MUA Nail Quake Shiver Shatter Polish

Next up, we have Shockwaves, a red. Mmm, red shatter polish. Just imagine the possibilities. Red over black, red over white, red over silver, red over anything! This one was also easy to apply, coming out in thin instead of thick coats, and more fluid than some other brands. Because it tends to apply thin instead of thick, it tends to crack into longer, thinner, pieces, instead of shorter, square-shaped pieces, which I rather like.

MUA Nail Quake Shockwaves Shatter Polish

Lastly, but definitely not least, we have Quiver, a colbalt blue. This one also applies fluidly and thinly, and thus doesn't look as dark as it appears to be in the bottle. It's actuallyi more of a medium blue on. I really like this one - blue is definitely another colour where the possibilities are endless.

MUA Nail Quake Quiver shatter polish

All in all, I can't actually find anything I don't like about the MUA Nail Quakes. They apply well, aren't as prone to being dried up or goopy unlike other (sometimes more expensive) brands, and come in a wide variety of colours to shatter yourself into shatter nirvana! The only downside I can think of is that because these apply in thin coats, rather than thick coats, they aren't as opaque as some other brands, although they are by no means sheer, as the photos attest. If you're looking for cheap and good quality shatter polishes, I definitely recommend the MUA Nail Quakes.

(Product was sent for review. Review is my complete and honest opinion. I am not affiliated with/compensated by the company.)


  1. Is that second one really red? Maybe my monitor is displaying colours weirdly, it looks more pink/purple to me =s

  2. @Ruth: In the bottle it's a red, sort of like a red with a bit of pink, but if you apply the polish thinly (which I did) then it ends up looking sort of pinky-red on the nail. It would be more red if a thicker coat was applied. Hope this helps!

  3. I have the silver version and love it

  4. wow, that fushia over the gold and the blue shatter look absolutely gorgeous! they really went to town with these shatter or shall i say quakes polishes xx
    love it xx


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