Everyday Peach Eye Look: Sleek Oh So Special Palette

Monday, August 8, 2011

Don't you love it when a palette can just turn out not only those big, bright, and bold looks, but also the everyday looks that we wear more often? In my case anyway, I do find myself reaching for neutrals more than brights on a daily basis, so while I love my all-neon palettes, I'm always on the lookout for something that can do double duty, and have a range of shades that would provide both the look of a neutral eye, as well as something more dramatic.

Enter the Sleek Makeup Oh So Special Palette. This isn't as bright as its summer sister, the Sleek Curacao Palette, but it's still pretty darn awesome, and pretty darn versatile. Here's the everyday peachy look that I created with the Oh So Special Palette:

Here are the shades that were used to create this look, marked with a big "X". I used Bow, the matte light beige, Ribbon, a matte light peach, and Gift Basket, a shimmery light bronze.

sleek oh so special palette everyday peach look

Bow was used on the browbone as the highlight, Ribbon was used on the lid, and Gift Basket was used on the contour area. Pretty simple, nothing complicated.

everyday peach eye look 2

What I really liked about the colours is that they blended very nicely and evenly, and aside from Bow, even the lighter shades in the Oh So Special Palette (Ribbon and Gift Basket in this case) had excellennt pigmentation.

everyday peach eye look 1

I know it kinda looks boring (and trust me, we're going to see some non-boring looks if this isn't your cup of tea), but I love how wearable this is. Not only is it work-appropriate for any office (even if you're a lawyer or a banker!), it's also extremely age-appropriate for younger girls. I definitely think that out of all the palettes Sleek Makeup has produced, this is definitely the one to get if you're getting a young teen her first eyeshaodw palette.

(Product was sent for review. Review is my complete and honest opinion. I am not affiliated with/compensated by the company.)


  1. I love you in peachy tones! This is a look I'd wear to the office (under my glasses!)

  2. That's a nice combination there :)

  3. This is stunning! I was deciding between this palette and the storm palette yesterday and decided to go with storm...might have to go get oh so special now...! X

  4. This one is less stunning but more office friendly I guess :) I love peach.

  5. aah your eotd are just so beautiful! I think I should buy a DSLR too >.< thanks for the post ^^

    and I want to invite you to join my giveaway. the prize are Bb creams and bubble cleansing from Luview Korea cosmetics. pls do check the Giveaway on my blog.

    thx ^^

  6. Peachy tones look wonderful on you. I've never tried Sleek before and just from the looks of it the colors look wonderful. And the color payoff is great too.

  7. This is a great look, the peach really suits you!

    You have a wonderful blog, I really like it and will definitely be back to read more of your posts. I wish you well.

    All the best,

  8. very pretty everyday look...loveddd ur blog..followin u :)

  9. I don't know why but it didn't occur to me that such a varied palette could create something so...subdued and pretty?


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