Sleek Pout Paints: Mixing the Perfect Coral Lip

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

I am so on a roll with these Sleek Pout Paints! The variety of shades you can get by mixing your own lip shades has really fired up my imagination and sparked my creativity! This time, I've created another shade that was tricky for me - coral! Coral is usually one of those popular-every-summer kind of lip shades, so I thought it would be fantastic if this summer I managed to conjure up my own coral shade!

Here is the shade of coral that I cooked up. It's circled below, swatched next to my other creations.

Sleek Pout Polish Creations wearable coral lip

For this shade, I actually used the same three colours as for my previous warm rose shade, but although I used the same three tubes of colours, the ultimate shades created turned out so differently! It just goes to show that the possibilities are truly endless!

Sleek Pout Polish custom colour 2

For this shade, I used Peachy Keen, Pin Up, and Cloud 9. This time around, though, I used more of Peachy Keen, less of Pin Up, and more of Cloud 9.

sleek pout paints wearable coral lip 1

Once mixed together, I pretty much got the shade I wanted. So after this, I didn't mix the shade a little more.

sleek pout paints wearable coral lip 2

As you may have read from my previous two mixing experiences, I used a clear gloss to increase the amount of gloss I mixed. The Pout Paints are pigmented enough for you to dilute the mixture with some clear gloss without sacrificing any pigmentation. So here I mixed in the same clear gloss with shimmer, which I also used for the previous two mixes.

sleek pout paints wearable coral lip 3

And this is the final shade I came up with. I love this shade!

sleek pout paints wearable coral lip 4

And here is the gloss on my lips! I love how it's noticably coral, but not so orange that it's unwearable. And I feel like it's just the right coral for my skintone too!

sleek pout paints wearable coral lip swatch

If you like playing around and mixing up your own shades, I think the Sleek Pout Paints will be just your cup of tea. I've loved all the shades I've come up with so far, and although I never thought that I would be able to mix up shades that I would actually like, it's actually been easier than I thought!

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  1. I'd be super frustrated if I weren't able to recreate such a perfect shade exactly the next time :-)

  2. We'll just call you Mixmaster Houses!

  3. x3 I think this will be fun. I'm inclined to wonder if one could store the creations in a jar to keep from having to mix them each time?

  4. Ahhh that's a brilliant idea about adding the gloss! xxx

  5. This looks like so much fun!!! LOVE THAT CORAL SHADE! So awesome!! :D

  6. It looks great! I love corals too.

  7. it looks really great, such a good idea to mix them to find your perfect shade! xx

  8. Omg I so want these pout paints!! It's so fun what you just did :)


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