Two Blog Tag/Awards: Purple Fairy and Sunshine Award!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

So I got two awards! YAY! :) I love blogger tags, it's like one big game of passing round the love...

Anyway, for each one you're supposed to pass it on to some number of people - I've no idea how many, but here you go:

From Simply Mel Mel,

I don't believe in fairies, but these beautiful bloggers are like the fairies of bloggerdom!

1. Magic Maid
2. Dempeaux
3. Prim and Polished
4. Strawberry Mochi
5. Deez Nails

And from Aquilah,

So many smiley bloggers!

1. Obsessed Makeup Addict
2. Fashioned in Finland
3. Let Them Wear Gloss
4. Painted Lady Fingers
5. Metro Chic


  1. Thank you for thinking of me. So sweet!

  2. Wow, thankyou so much! This is great! You made my day :) x


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