Barry M Dazzle Dust Swatches Part 4 of 6!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

We have more Barry M Dazzle Dust swatches today, and this time, they're all neutrals! While it's true that most of the Dazzle Dust shades tend to be loud bright colours, the selection of neutrals is also pretty decent. Today's swatches feature browns, greys, and a couple of blacks. The colours are basic, but useful. Most of these are actually really work-friendly, too.

Here are swatches:

Barry M Dazzle Dust Swatches

L-R: Pale Silver 9, Grey 10, Rust 25, Chocolate 53, Dark Chocolate 97, Silver 91, Charcoal 11, Black 66

Pale Silver 9 is a nice basic colour, but it isn't really silver. It's sort of white-grey. It has visible glitter, too.

Grey 10 is a straight up basic grey.

Rust 25 is...I have no idea. I'd describe it more as an antique gold colour, because I've always thought rust was reddish? This one has no red. It's a gold-brown with shimmer. One of my favourites of the bunch, this colour is pretty universal since it's a good neutral, and leans neither cool nor warm.

Chocolate 53 is another shimmery neutral, this time a dark chocolate brown. A tad boring, maybe, but a good basic colour.

Dark Chocolate 97 isn't quite brown, but it's more of a black on me. It swatched darker than in the pot. In the pot it looks like a deep, deep brown. On me it looks black, with shimmer. I was a little disappointed when I swatched this.

Silver 91 is a midtone grey with silver sparkle. Unlike most of the other colours, which have a more subtle shimmer (subtle as far as Barry M Dazzle Dusts go, anyway) this isn't shimmer, it's glitter, and it's visible.

Charcoal 11 is a dark dark grey, so dark that it looks more like black with a tinge of blue. I think this colour is pretty cool, though.

Black 66 is a basic black, with some shimmer.

Swatching is hard work. I swatched all of the Barry M Dazzle Dusts at one go, so I vividly remember my arm protesting at this point, LOL. I was swatching, then wiping off all the eyeshadows with a makeup wipe, then writing down the colour names, and then swatching again. I remember the skin on my arm turning red (through excessive scrubbing with the wipe) about halfway through the Dazzle Dust swatches, LOL. But well, you know, I'm young and defiant, and so I continued anyway, which is why we have more swatches for the next time. LOL.


  1. Lol, never did swatches myself ,but it really sounds like a tough job lol.
    Charcoal looks gorgeous... i can imagine myself working it :)

    p.s. drop by and enter my double giveaway (or beauty mission... ;})

  2. Ooooh, Dark Chocolate is purdy!

  3. your blog is so helpful. great swatches. thanks

  4. super useful. no favourites for me in this round xx


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