Nail Polish Haul: OPI, Essie, China Glaze, and Orly!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Awhile back, to reward myself for getting through a particularly stressful period of school (believe it or not, despite all my professors' assumptions about the "copious free time" we have, us grad students are actually a relatively busy bunch), I decided it was time to place an order of my lemmings. Hey, don't judge me - my groupmate bought himself a camera, so I figured it was perfectly reasonable for me to buy nail polish. And so I did. And these babies arrived all the way from the great USA, the land of cheap Chinaglaze, etailers of nail polish, and buy-1-get-1-free drugstore makeup promotions. Oh, just thinking about it makes me so jealous!

Anyway here is my amazing haul. Please pardon the crappy pictures, they were taken at night under my yellow lamplight, and I suck at using photo-editing software:

Ooh, China Glaze Khromes! I've been wanting these FOREVER for konading purposes! I got China Glaze Sci Fi, Robotika, Millenium, and 2030, in that order from left to right. I'm going crazy just imagining the konading possibilities! Oh, I also got Essie Chinchilly. Mmmmm, grey. But this is not any ordinary grey. This is grey with the slightest green tinge, so chic and unique.

Ooh holos! And duochromes! And my favourite nudey greige mushroomy colour! In order it was Orly Golden Halo (this one is supposed to be sheer though, darn), Orly Country Club Khaki (my favourite! I know I have enough greige nudes, but I can't help it...I need to collect them ALL), and OPI DS Signature and DS Extravagance. I kind of prefer Extravagance, because it has that jewelled quality to it in the base colour, but DS Signature shows more of the holographic "rainbow" in the bottle. I can't wait to try these on my nails - I just KNOW they'll be amazing!

So that's my stress-induced haul. I know I can't be the only one hauling during times of stress, and hey, I figure at least getting a few more pretties is a better way of coping with stress than smoking pot, gambling or drinking :P Yeah, yeah, I know I'm full of excuses...But I can't help it, they're all so pretty!


  1. Great Haul. I recently purchased Essie's Chinchilly and i can't wait to try it out! The China Glaze polishes look lovely as well.


  2. You just gave me an idea ;) This week has been pretty busy and stressful for me, tomorrow I can finally relax a little again and I think I'm going to celebrate that with a few polishes ;)

    ..but the money could be a problem :P

  3. Hahaha, LOVELY haul! I stress shop way too much, but it can be so rewarding.

    I just got a few of the China Glaze Chromes for konading too... but I haven't done anything with them yet! Hopefully today...

  4. Hey! Thanks for stopping by Missy Sassy Pants, my blog! I'm new to blogging, so thanks! I was just thinking of getting Millenium for Konading too! I've never tried Konading before though, but I think it rocks! I have 2030 and I love it! Nice Haul!

  5. hi! thanks so much for your comment on my blog. and you got nice nail polish colors. i love opi. :)

    p.s. i am now your new follower. follow me too? thanks! :)

  6. hey thanks for commenting on my blog!!
    i love those nail polish colors they are gorgeouss !!
    Definitely try out the band aid blister block :) i hate shoes that are cute but hurt my feet & make them ugly! haha :P

    i followed you.. please follow me back!? thanks a ton

  7. I love nail polish and espeically OPI and Essie. I do wear alot of open toe shoes during spring and summer. I do need to start painting my toe nails. I love the colors. ENJOY!!

    Visit my blog at

  8. Nice haul! I really need to get some of those Khromes. I love Robotika and 2030!

  9. Oh great haul! ive been eying millenium too! it looks great for stamping.

    thanks for the comment! i dont think anyone goes to my blog but thats cuz i dont talk about it lol

  10. Hi its TAK from BeautyJudge, I'm finally getting around to adding everyones's blogs!


  11. these are really nice colors. i have the silver and the gold one.
    oh and thanks for the tutorial video. really helpful.

    btw, i am now your new follower. follow me too?


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