Mememe Colourama Long Lasting Cream Eyeshadow Swatches!

Friday, April 16, 2010

I really need to apologize for the state of today's swatches, but as some of you who follow me on Twitter may know, the past few weeks have been nothing short of hectic for me. But anyway, today's swatches are from another UK drugstore brand, Mememe. They're pretty cheap, and they have some products that are quite outstanding - in particular their cheap-and-accurate dupes for Benefit's Benetint, Moonbeam and Posietint have been garnering a lot of press (note to self - swatch those sometime!). But personally, my favourites from the line are their eyeshadows, powder and cream. And today, we're looking at their Colourama Long Lasting Cream Eyeshadow.

Mememe's Colourama Cream Eyeshadows come in a tube, with a wand applicator in a doe-foot shape. Personally, I'd rather they put it in a squeeze tube because the doe foot applicator seems kind of unhygenic, but I guess you can't complain. They have 5 colours, and among them, a particularly beautiful taupe.

Mememe Colourama Long Lasting Cream Shadow Swatches

Top row L - R: 04 Sparkling Silver, 05 Liquid Bronze
Bottom row L - R: 01 Molton Brown, 02 Chiffon Rose, 03 Aruba Blue

01 Molton Brown is the beautiful taupe I was talking about. It's taupe, it's shimmery, and it's gorgeous! It's a brown taupe with silver shimmer. Very pretty. This one is also very work appropriate.

02 Chiffon Rose is a light pink colour that isn't pastel, but isn't bright pink either. If you like a wearable pink, I think this is it.

03 Aruba Blue is, as the name suggests, a bright glowy blue that reminds me of open skies.

04 Sparkling Silver isn't really a silver, so much as it is a frosty metallic white. It isn't quite a true silver (which would imply some sort of grey tinge to the colour). But this is good as a highlighter, if applied sheerly.

05 Liquid Bronze is a nice bronze with a metallic finish. It has a warm medium brown base colour, and is packed with metallic shimmer. Since this bronze is leaning to the warm side, it would probably look better on warmer-toned ladies than on cooler ones.

One of the things I noticed while swatching these is that they dry pretty quickly, so if you're using these you probably won't have all the time in the world for blending. Also, they have good pigmentation, and although the first layer of these shadows is a bit sheer, they can be easily layered for intensity without peeling or caking (as I did in my swatches). Overall, I think these are pretty good quality, particularly for the price.


  1. Another test comment :)
    They look really pretty, especially the Aruba Blue.

  2. Those metallics make me wanna bang my head. I hope this helps.

  3. Ah HA! Now I can leave a comment. Great review. Molton Brown is one of my fave cream shadows!!

  4. These shadows are so shimmery and pigmented! I'm so drawn to Chiffon Rose and Aruba Blue. :)


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