Barry M Dazzle Dusts Swatches Part 5 of 6!

Friday, April 30, 2010

Like yesterday, today's Barry M Dazzle Dust swatches actually feature some colours that are a lot more demure than Parts 1-3. Some of these are actually pretty work-appropriate, and I love the taupes featured here.

Yes you heared me right! TAUPE ALERT!

Anyway, I bet you want me to shut up so you can see pictures of the taupes, right? Here you go, swatches:

Barry M Dazzle Dust Swatches

L-R: Yellow 76, Gold 96, Gold Iridiscent 27, Tan 39, Bronze 44, Old Gold 24, Mushroom 51, Oyester Grey 89

Yellow 76 is a bright primary yellow with big bits of sparkly glitter.

Gold 96 is also a bright primary yellow, better in pigmentation than Yellow 76 and less in glitter. It does have glitter, but the glitter bits are smaller and finer.

Gold Iridiscent 27 reminds me a lot of MAC's Vanilla pigment. I need to get out my MAC Vanilla pigment to check if they are dupes or not one day. I think the shimmer in Gold Irisdiscent might be a tad grainier and less fine though, and Gold Irisdiscent also doesn't have the pink flash that MAC's Vanilla has (which may make it better than the MAC version or not, depending on your preferences). Anyway, I like this colour, and I think it's a great highlighting shade for most people.

Tan 39 is very pretty, and work appropriate (if you don't mind shimmer), and not at all tan. I'd call it pink with some beige. This is a great lid colour for cool-toned girls who want to wear pink but don't want to wear neon fluorescent pink.

Bronze 44 is a pretty bronze that isn't harsh and too orangey. I actually quite like it. This one is also work appropriate, if you don't mind the shimmer.

Old Gold 24 is another one of my favourite Barry M Dazzle Dusts. It's an antique gold shade that's neither too warm or too cool. I love it. You know how hard it is to find a gold shade that isn't too warm? This is great, it isn't gold-gold though, because it isn't yellow enough. But it's a browned gold that's pretty in its own right.

Mushroom 51 is - TAUPE ALERT! TAUPE ALERT! TAUPE ALERT! - oh sorry where was I now? Oh yes. Mushroom is a very pretty, albeit glittery, TAUPE! Now you know I love my neutrals, so you know I'll LOVE this. *Starts singing Lady Gaga* Love, love, love, I want your love! Okay, but anyway. This is taupe, and it's pretty. It's got equal parts brown, grey, and purple (maybe more purple than the other two colours), so it leans a little to the cool side, but I think it's neutral enough for most people, if you want a purply taupe. This one is also makeup that's suitable for work.

Oyester Grey 89 is not taupe, but it's also pure gorgeousness. I LOVE this one. It's not quite taupe, because it doesn't really have that much brown in it, but it's still absolutely lovely. It's purple and grey combined, with a pink duochrome. This one is also very finely textured because it doesn't have any big bits of glitter (although it does have a pearly shimmer finish). I love this one, and dare I say, I love this one more than Mushroom because it has a better texture.

So that's it for today! Tomorrow we'll be doing the last of the Dazzle Dust swatches - but I still have more Barry M swatches, because I'll be swatching the Fine Glitter Dusts as well. So I hope you guys don't get sick of Barry M swatches :X


  1. Wow, I 'm so glad we cam across each others blogs..=) I will defiently follow you! Btw The new Xtina video is Bad ass! xo T

  2. Swatches are always so helpful. Thankyou!

  3. there is none that i like in that round which is a good thing cos i've picked out so many favourites in the other rounds lol x

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