Lusting After: Boots No7 Colour Miracle Nail Polish

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Boots Colour Miracle Nail Polish
(Image from Boots)

Can someone tell me why I can't seem to find any of these anywhere? Are they long discontinued or unavailable in the UK, or just hard to get? I went to three separate Boots stores (and one REALLY large one) but I couldn't find any of them!

These are from Boots' No7 Colour Miracle line of nail polishes, that change colour. However, unlike colour-changing mood nail polishes (like the ones from Claire's), which change colour according to temperature, these ones are one colour throughout, and change colour only when you apply a layer of clear polish on top (like a clear topcoat). Boots claims that it is the perfect day-to-night nail polish colour, as you can wear the polish without topcoat during the day (although personally I really don't like doing that myself), and just apply a clear layer of varnish over to reveal the darker colour for night!

That's all fine and dandy, but personally, I'm thinking more along the lines of nail art than day-to-night office conformity :P Can you imagine all the exciting designs that can be done with something like this? Alright then, Boots, where have you hidden the stash of Colour Miracle polishes? Show me the goods already!


  1. They sound allot like this collection from Leighton Denny They look great without a top coat but I found they marked rather easily and looked quite uneven with the top coat on....It has to be said I haven't tried them for quite some time (they were an early purchase in my burgeoning nail polish affair) and my application techinique has improved greatly in the mean time!!

  2. I don't have this brand around me :( but its okay I'll survive

    I tagged/gave you an award darling

  3. They are still up on the websitbe, maybe you could order online? You can order to collect at your local Boots for free. I love the idea of doing nail art with these! I'd never thought of it :-) x

  4. Hmm, I might have a look when I go into town today, but I haven't seen them either. I agree, they could be fun for the nail-art reasons!

  5. I swear I've seen these at the massive Boots in Birmingham city centre - High St branch.

  6. Yes I think these have been discontinued - I haven't seen them in any Boots stores for quite some time. But I'm not that bothered as I bought one sometime last year and I'm not really a fan. The initial colour (in the bottle) is fine but when I applied a top coat it changed to the most hideous colour ever! I had to remove it straight away because it looked that bad!


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