Nails Inc Elizabeth Street and Fitzhardinge Street Leopard Spots KOTD

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Today's KOTD is using two Nails Inc colours, Elizabeth Street, and Fitzhardinge Street. I konaded using plate M57. As you can see it wasn't that great - I'm still struggling to put on a full nail design properly.

Nails Inc Elizabeth Street is a sheer-ish, pale milky pink creme, very subtle, very pretty, and work appropriate. The first coat is a little streaky, but it applies well after 2 coats, and evens out after that. Nails Inc Fitzhardinge Street is a deep, deep green that looks like black, also another creme. It looks a little more green when you konad with it, because you only use a thin layer of the polish for konading. I guess this isn't the best konading job ever - as you can see, there are patches in the leopard print.

Anyway, here is the not-that-great konad job, in natural shaded light:

I really love Nails Inc, I do believe they're just about the best polish brand I've tried out there. And I keep saying it everytime I use something from them, but I can't help it. I'm starting to have this dangerous need to collect every Nails Inc colour out there. I've always found the application and wear to be pretty good. Elizabeth Street isn't as awesome as some of the others, but it is still really decent. I suspect this relative lack of quality might be due to the fact that I got Elizabeth Street when they were giving them out free with a copy of Glamour, and maybe the free bottles aren't as good as the bottles in stores? I really wouldn't know though, it's just a guess, since all my other Nails Incs apply soooo smoothly. Fitzhardinge Street had the usual awesome Nails Inc application. This konad lasted for about 3-4 days before chipping, which is about average for me, so wear time is decent as well.


  1. I love nails inc,its a great brand. Have you tried walton street by nail inc? Its a beautiful bright pink color. I even did NOTD on it. Its my fav color. I loved your KOTD very pretty

  2. This is SO CUTE! I really want this plate. It was out of stock when I made my Konad order...

  3. I only realised NOW that I wasn't following your blog! How that happened, I don't know.

    Your Konad skills are realy good, I want to buy one and start practicingn ow that my nails are big enough.

  4. This is a very cute mani! I still need to but that plate!

  5. i am totally inlove with your blog!!!


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