Barry M Lip Paints Swatches Part 2

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Welcome readers, to part 2 of 4 of our (almost) complete swatches of Barry M Lip Paints (part one is here. Yesterday, we took a look at some of the orange and corals in the line, today, we're looking at pinks. Today's lipsticks are also more wearable as they are a little less pigmented and more sheer, just by a little. I also realized that although my Superdrug didn't list the colour names, the Barry M website does, so I updated my blog post. I'm a bit too lazy to update my pics, but I'll get around to that eventually.

First off, here are swatches:

Barry M Lip Paints

L - R: Palest Lavender 129 , Baby Pink 100, Sheer Pink 113, Pink Sparkle 140, Dolly Pink 146 (New), Vibrant Pink 62

Palest Lavender 129 is a purple lilac colour, and is another one of those 'artistry' colours. However it does remind me a bit of MAC's Lavender Whip that was released to huge fanfare awhile back. I'll admit - I hated the MAC, and I'm not a fan of this one etiher. But if you liked Lavender Whip, this is for you. It's also made a bit more wearable by being one of the sheerer lipsticks in the line - unlike most of the other lip paints, which really 'paint' your lips, I had to build up the swatch for this one. So it isn't as bad as it looks. It probably isn't any more unwearable than Lavender Whip.

Baby Pink 100 is a pale bright pastel pink. Once again, this is one of those like-it-or-not colours, and I think those who liked MAC's Snob will love this. Because of the purple inherent in the colour, this is definitely a cool-toned colour.

Sheer Pink 113 is a toned down version of 100, and is probably 100 for the rest of us. First off, its a little less white and pale than 100. Secondly it's also more sheer - as you can see I had to build the swatch up, and even then it didn't photograph that well. This one would be more wearable, especially if layered with a darker colour.

Pink Sparkle 140, Dolly Pink 146 (New) and Vibrant Pink 62 all remind me of MAC's St Germain lipstick, or other similar colours. If you liked those, you'll love these. They're all in the same colour family of lavender pinks, but they kind of form a gradient of shades within that colour family. 140 and 146 are both lighter and more purple than 62, which is really a hot, hot, opaque pink, and 146 is a bit brighter than 140. 140 and 146 are also both sheer than 62, although not as sheer as 113. I guess these shades form a 'gradient of daring' colour-wise. For those who want the full package, 62 is a good bet. For those who are just tentatively dipping toes into the water, 140 or 146 might be great, and for those who are terrified but curious, 113 might ease you into the lavender pink family better. I have to say though, 62 is pretty neon, and it has the eye-searing quality of a good neon lipstick. It's also REALLY opaque and pigmented. You have been warned!

As usual, all of these lip paints are mostly highly pigmented, with a texture that's a little on the dry side, and which I compared to MAC's Satin finish in the last post, although the Barry M's might have more drag. Honestly, becuase they're so pigmented and not that emollient, it kind of feels like I'm swatching little sticks of foundation rather than lipsticks!

That's it for today! Next time, we'll look at more pinks, but also some berries and reds.


  1. wow those are huge swatches :P Sheer Pink 113 and Pink Sparkle 140 look cute! I don't think I could pull off lavender lips LOL :P

  2. Such pretty colors! Thanks for the swatches :D

  3. Yaay on to pinks now. I'm loving 113 & 140, such pretty colours. Thanks for the swatches, can't wait for the rest. :D

  4. love all the colors! Thanks for the swatches :)

  5. omg. i'm really loving the first (129) one! what a BEAUTIFUL COLOUR! :) Does Mac have one similar from the permnament line?

  6. I really, REALLY love these shades, especially "Palest Lavender". It's too bad Barry M isn't sold in Austria! But I have Lavender Whip so I guess that will do! :-)


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