Laura Mercier Sale on Hautelook!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

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For my US ladies (it's not really fair - they seem to get all the good sales, don't they?) Laura Mercier will be on sale at Hautelook today. As usual, Hautelook sales are members-only, so if you do wish to check it out, sign up HERE.

I am not affiliated with, paid or compensated in anyway by Hautelook or Laura Mercier to release this information, nor do I receive any freebies from either Hautelook or Laura Mercier to post about it here. I release it because I think it might be useful to my readers. The sign up link provided is my own members sign up link that is available to all members upon signup, and does not award me any benefit outside of their usual membership programme.


  1. Hehe I just ate one of the cupcakes this morning! Red velvet..mmm ^_^

    I was so excited for the Laura Mercier sale on hautelook, b/c I was hoping they'd have face stuff, like tinted moisturizer. But I was disappointed.. more of the makeup stuff, not what they're really known for :(


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